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Updated Monday 26th August 2019

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We would like to advise that we are unable to advertise your venue's 2nd hand Gaming Machines or related machine equipment on this page.

Currently there are 20 item(s) !

 Item Location Description
 S2783 Shellharbour Poker Machine Chairs
 S2782 LISMORE Tub Chairs
 S2717 Clarence Town 2009 Multiscreen In-House Advertising System
 S2774 Belmont Clubnet Reward Centres
 S2781 Evans Head Gaming Chairs
 S2768 Penrith Stainless Steel Bench Top
 S2767 Penrith Wooden Display - Box Cabinetry
 S2766 Penrith Stainless steel shelves x 4
 S2765 Penrith Small Square Sink and Fittings
 S2764 Penrith Large Sink
 S2763 Penrith Medium Under Cabinet 2 Door Fridge with Stainless Steel Bench Top
 S2762 Penrith Dishwasher
 S2761 Penrith Under Bench 2 Door Small Fridges (x 2 )
 S2760 Penrith Bench Top Bain Marie / Warmers & Display System
 S2780 Narrabri Commercial Laundry Equipment
 S2778 Tomakin Brullen i18 Counter Top Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine
 S2777 Murray Downs Hot and Cold Bain Marie
 S2755 Lavender Bay 200 stackable function chairs
 S2776 The Entrance Laminated Dining Tables
 S2775 The Entrance Outdoor/ Indoor Chair

Currently there are 8 item(s) !

 Item Location Description
 L5122 Springwood OUTDOOR TABLES
 L5121 Shoalhaven Heads Mystery link controller and associated equipment
 L5120 Hurstville Grove Bingo Balls (marble size please )
 L5119 Flexible -I will cover the freight! All Unused Promotional Items!
 L5118 Ultimo Umbrella with stand
 L5117 Frederickton Electronic Visitor Sign In / ID Scanner System
 L5116 Grafton- willing to travel looking for roughly 30 bar stools - prefer with back
 L5113 170 approx stackable Auditorium Chairs

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With the Buy n Sell of Gaming machines, ensure that the buyer & seller are licensed to trade gaming machines. If not, contact White Now to organise a licensed gaming machine trader.