27th June 2005

Greetings fond readers of White Now Club Stuff.

For those watching the website daily, THANK YOU for making www.whitenow.com.au the Industry"s Most Stuffed Website, Stuffed full of Great Stuff. We love updating the site daily and appreciate your ongoing supportive comments !

In this issue of Club Stuff you will find:

The best new service in town - Buy ‘n’ Sell Stuff

Never being one to rest on her laurels, or just plain rest for that matter, Jenny White has led White Now into a whole new arena – White Now Buy ‘n’ Sell. The goods might be second hand but the service ain't ! Buy ‘n’ Sell has been created to fulfill the ongoing need for you to conveniently source affordable equipment and consumables unique to the industry whether it is a note counter or bistro chairs, a post mix machine or a pizza oven. You can even use the service for your personal stuff. Go to the Buy ‘n’ Sell page White Now. IT ROCKS !

Simon Cooke, General Manager of Wests Sports Club, Croydon, has had instant results. “I couldn’t believe how quickly we sold all our excess equipment that had been taking up space for far too long”, he notes, “a web based Buy ‘n’ Sell service is what the industry has been crying out for”.

David Sheehy, Facilities Manager of Mingara Recreation Club, has had similar success selling unneeded stools and tables with a big result for minimal effort. “It’s a great addition to the White Now website and a great service to the industry."

It’s an extremely affordable service.

A Dynamite Discount Exclusive to Club Stuff Readers

From today until July 31st 2005, Club Stuff readers will be able to grab a dynamite discount of 30% off for any Buy ‘n’ Sell Ads. And don't forget if you are looking for an item, it's absolutely FREE. It's already an extremely affordable service now, your discount makes it THE BEST DEAL IN TOWN. To secure this discount, simply fill in the form available from the For Advertisers Page to Place an Ad. In the “Any Further Comments” section, simply write DYNAMITE DISCOUNT OFFER and White Now will automatically take 30% off your advertising costs.

Job Ads - Positions Vacant

White Now has SO many positions available every day. It's now the industry’s most well known “Job Board”. Too many positions to list on here, so we will simply let you know of the latest positions advertised in the past week or so:

RBC101 General Manager – Rosehill Bowling Club
MRS101 Marketing Assistant – Merrylands RSL Club
DOO107 Supervisor – Dooleys at Waterview
CAN104 Duty Manager – Canberra Labor Club Group
IND102 Office Manager – Indo Pacific Currency

Dozens more Job Ads on www.whitenow.com.au

Why is White Now celebrating and dancing around the office?

No it's not because we bought a new Barry Manilow CD nor is it because we have totally lost the plot, it's actually because we've hit 495,000 hits PER MONTH so celebrating is what we're doing. (Sorry, no dancing pictures available at this stage). It’s thanks to you and the industry for helping us to achieve record hits every month. We are hoping for 500,000 hits for the month of July !!

OMG, Did you know ?

....that since January 2005, White Now has advertised 113 industry specific positions on the website. You just can’t beat it as the best place to advertise your vacancy can you.


It costs only $195 plus GST for an ad.

The ad can stay on the website for up to 2 months – it beats ANY newspaper advertising and targets OUR industry ! Don't believe us ? Check out what your industry colleagues are saying about us by clicking here, you probably know a number of them or even work with them.
(NB: The links work when you are on line so don't go off line before you check it out)


Competition Winner - A well known industry personality !
Congratulations to David Hastie from CUB for winning the last Club Stuff competition. David won an enormous bunch of roses and boxed chocolates to send to a loved one. Thanks for your support David AND a huge thank you to Carlton for their amazing ongoing support of the industry. More competitions appear bi monthly on the Stuff Page at www.whitenow.com.au so keep a watchin' !
News and Achievements and Stuff

The Stuff page at www.whitenow.com.au has new stuff EVERY SINGLE BINGLE DAY. Here is just some of the industry news that we've been told about over the last week.

  • The Catholic Club in Sydney have appointed the wonderful Melissa White as their new CEO.
  • Club Menai welcomes Isabella McDermott to the club in the role of Duty Manager.
  • Rooty Hill RSL Club would like to congratulate Wayne Jones for achieving the role of Duty Manager.
  • Congratulations to Corey Fletcher for achieving his new role of Club Manager at Wallacia Bowling Club
  • The Board of Directors of the Leagues Clubs’ Association congratulates the winner of the 2004/05 GMDC Bursary - Luke Hay from The Entrance Leagues Club. Runners up were Paul Lee, City Tattersalls and Nathan Carle, Epping Club.
  • Wendy Wand has taken on the role of General Manager at Wyong RSL Club !

    MORE NEWS........... Click HERE.
Sneak Preview of a new club that is truly different

Don't you just LOVE sneak previews of stuff ? It makes you feel like a movie star at a special Premiere of a yet to be released block buster movie and this one is called 'Arts on Bourke'. The winner of the Small Club of the Year for 2003 & 2004, South Sydney Graphic Arts Club are about to open their new venue, 'Arts on Bourke' in July - and everyone is SO excited. This is another truly different venue encouraged by a truly supportive Board of Directors. Here is a sneak preview of the ‘Men’s’. The rest of the venue is just as amazing. Keep an eye out on the website www.whitenow.com.au for pictures of the opening night !

Party Pictures of our Pals !

We were all shook up after spotting ELVIS on Friday. What ? You don't believe us ? Check out the pics of Elvis schmoozing up to a number of your industry colleagues ! Thanks to all our Pals at Paltronics for a fabulous 'Vegas Style' celebration to celebrate the opening of their new Showroom. See all the pictures from the party on the Stuff page at www.whitenow.com.au

What you may have missed !

If you are not yet an avid watcher of www.whitenow.com.au you have missed a heap of your colleagues in the White Now Photo Galleries over the past 2 months. You missed:

  • All the snap shots from the ClubsNSW Awards for Excellence.
  • All the snap shots from the Life Line fundraising breakfast at Tradies.
  • All the snap shots from the last night celebrations at the Kirribilli Club after closing its doors.

BUT - GOOD NEWS - IT'S NOT TOO LATE ! Even though these fantastic pictures have been taken off the website, as a special Club Stuff Reader we are happy to send you a special link to the photos that you missed. If you would like this opportunity, please email us at info@whitenow.com.au and request the set of snapshots you would like to see.

Games and Stuff

Feel like a short break from your busy day ? You'll always find that there is a new game to play nearly every week on the Stuff page. White Now there is a pretty tough game of skill to test you out. It involves a Surfer and some annoying little penguins. Check it out and let us know if have beaten the top score.


Don’t forget to register for the Australasian Gaming Expo and Conference which is on 21st to 23rd August. Head to the Stuff page at www.whitenow.com.au to find the link to register for this wonderful yearly event.

Another Favourite Quote

Customer service is awareness of needs, problems, fears and aspirations.

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