4th July 2005

Greetings again wonderful readers of White Now Club Stuff !

Alright already. We bet you’re saying to yourself didn’t we just get a White Now Club Stuff a week ago ?”

Well we have some EXCITING NEWS to thank YOU for...... and we simply could not wait for another month to pass before we passed on our gratitude to you. White Now reached a hit rate in June of 505,000 hits for that month alone ! That’s over half a million hits in one month. Who do we thank ? YOU, our regular visitor.

Our aim at White Now is to truly offer a place for our industry to be excited to visit and always find the latest information on everything and anything that's happening. Thanks for helping the Industry’s Most Stuffed Website to continue to achieve this. Now, let's see what else we have to tell you today.........................

In this BONUS issue of Club Stuff you will find;

POSITIONS – JOB ADS Lodged in the week of 27th June to 3rd July

As you know White Now has so many positions available every day. These are new positions that have been lodged on the website in the last week !

RUG102 Assistant General Manager – The Rugby Club Sydney
MPP101 General Manager – Temora Ex Services Club
MAL102 General Manager – Malabar RSL Club
CLC135 Duty Manager – Sharkies – Level C plus 30%
PSH101 Duty Manager – Penshurst RSL Club
IND102 Administration Coordinator – Indo Pacific Currency
EAS107 Club Supervisor – Kingswood Sports Club (Part of the Easts Group)
PRS103 Chef de Partie – Penrith RSL Club

More Job Ads on www.whitenow.com.au

Don’t forget a Job Ad costs only $195 plus GST for an ad that can stay on the website for up to 2 months. Call us White Now on 02 9807 1806 to discuss !

Being the industry’s most well known “Job Board”, it's best that you keep an eye out on the website every couple of days to see what’s new !


Sorry guys :( we have so much news that we don’t have room to fit it this wee little newlsetter. Check out the Stuff page at www.whitenow.com.au to find out who's moved where and other great news ! News includes the new CEO's of Twin Towns Services, The Rugby Club Sydney, Yanco All Servicemen's AND MORE !


Club Life, the industry's number one publication has undergone its first facelift since 1986. Sporting a new contemporary look and a great new quarter-fold size, Club Life now offers all levels of club management an informative read on industry issues and developments. If you are eligible, you will be receiving the first of the new look issues THIS WEEK ! Club Life launched this new concept on Friday night at the Epping Club. There are plenty of pictures of your industry colleagues on the Stuff page at www.whitenow.com.au - take a peek ! Thanks Rob, Olivier and the team for a fantasmical effort !

GAMES AND STUFF - New Golf Game ready for you to play

So you reckon you’ve got the knack for golf ? Try our new game of Mini Golf on the Stuff page at www.whitenow.com.au. Keep it a secret, but one of our White Now team spent 5 hours on Friday night trying to make par and....... with no success (we reckon he should get a life instead, but don't tell him that). See if you can give it your best and make par - it's not THAT hard !


Don’t forget you can buy and sell all your venue’s stuff on White Now's trading page, Buy `n’ Sell. It has been a godsend for so many industry people already. Check it out on www.whitenow.com.au. It can cost you as little as $15 to place an ad and it's FREE to post an ad if you are looking to find an item ! Contact us White Now on 02 9807 1806 or info@whitenow.com.au


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Contact us White Now on 02 9807 1806 or info@whitenow.com.au

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