23rd December 2005

Welcome to the last edition for 2005 of 'Club Stuff' ....... and a continued thank you to the thousands of viewers of the
White Now Website !

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In this issue of Club Stuff you will find:

Read n Learn - What are the December and January articles

Check out the 'Read n Learn' page at www.whitenow.com.au ! Click this link to go straight there ! www.whitenow.com.au/v2/readnlearn.htm

This month we have stories on:

  1. New requirements for Surveillance Take Effect in NSW
  2. An Incentive to Give Up Smoking
  3. Seasonal Changes in OH&S Requirements
  4. How to Get More Customers and Create Repeat Business

The January edition will include:

  1. More tips on preparing for interviews and other great "find a job" tips
  2. Things that make Australian's Proud

One of the articles "Your Colleagues Achievements" keeps growing each month. This article gives a run down of all your favourite industry colleagues who have a legendary football background.

In December we profiled:
  •  John Kolc
  •  Darryl Brohman

The way to get more customers and keep them !

So you want more customers ?

You want to be able to charge more for your goods and services ?

You want to create regular repeat business ?

You want fewer complaints ?

Click here for the secret to how to achieve all these !!!

Call Ron McLean from Creating Synergy on 0414 347 667 to assist your business to create Excellence in Customer Service !! or visit the Creating Synergy website at www.creatingsynergy.com

Job Ads - Positions Available

We have anywhere between 25 and 55 positions available at any one time. We will only list the latest 10 for you here (all of which have come in within the last few days). For all other current positions go to www.whitenow.com.au/v2/positions.htm

PIT122 Club General Manager — Pitt Town Sports Club
YAR103 General Manager — Yarra Bay 16 foot Skiff Sailing Club
GOP104 Sales/Marketing Consultant — Gopher Graphics
YEN102 Secretary Manager — Yenda Diggers Club
YAR102 Supervisor and Cellar Person — Yarra Bay Sailing Club
NVT101 Duty Manager & Supervisor — Wetherill Park
LEE102 General Manager — Leeton Golf Club
WNC128 Sales Executive — Emerging successful company
RCA101 Accountant/Accounting Consultant — Russell Corporate Advisory
CCB101 Duty Manager — Central Coast of NSW

DID YOU KNOW that a Job Ad costs only $195 plus GST for an ad that can stay on the website for up to 2 months and can be viewed 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call us White Now on 02 9807 1806 to discuss.

News n Stuff

We have so much news that we just don´t have room to fit it all here. Check out the Stuff page at www.whitenow.com.au to find who has moved where and other great news !

People moves include:
John Boyd to Ballina Seagulls Rugby League Football Club as General Manager
Colleen Anderson to Workers Parramatta as Secretary Manager
Brendan Ellem to North Ryde Golf Club as General Manager
Peter Turnbull to the Leagues Clubs Association as CEO
Josh Collins to Rosnay Golf Club as General Manager

Other movements include Steve Yates, Linda Felsch, Glen Pashley, Colin Thompson, Fiona Christopher, Kerrie Wadwell, Harry Berger, Danielle Nicholls and many more .... find out where these people have moved to on the Stuff page ..........

Buy n Sell Stuff

With over 600,000 hits a month, this is the ideal place to either sell your used equipment or indeed look for a bargain for your venue. The Buy n Sell service operates as a notice board for affordable bargains allowing the buyer and seller to negotiate the best price for their items.

Are you wanting to let people know that you have gaming machines entitlements for sale – or are you looking for entitlements ? Why not use this space to get the word out ?

A Kind Thing to Do: We encourage any clubs wanting to donate items to struggling clubs, to lodge their items on 'Buy N Sell' . For those clubs wanting to donate, White Now will not charge you anything for lodging ads for these items - it is FREE. This is another White Now way of doing our part to care for the future of our industry. Think about the good you will be doing for struggling clubs.

If you are wanting to SELL your items, it costs you as little as $15 to place an ad and it's FREE to post an ad if you are looking for an item ! Contact us White Now on 02 9807 1806 or info@whitenow.com.au

Resume Cover Letter DONT'S

To anyone considering drafting a covering letter to attach to your resume – avoid these lines please ..

1. I am really keen to work for you as I hear that you can have heaps of breaks.

2. I regret that I do not have any referees for you as unfortunately, every company that I have worked for before has since closed down.

3. I know where you live.

4. Any sentence beginning with "I was recently acquitted."

5. I'm really tall, so I think I'd be well suited to this job.

6. I'm confident that I'll get this job. The voices told me.

Great Idea for Industry Suppliers and Trade

Greetings colleagues. Have you thought about your brand awareness for 2006 ? We have a number of opportunities to assist you in increasing your profile for your business. With over 600,000 hits per month – where better is there to be seen by your target market ?

Read n Learn Articles
As you may have noticed, we have a new page on www.whitenow.com.au - Read n Learn. Industry Suppliers are welcome to discuss with White Now the possibility of submitting an article for future months. For further information, please contact one of our team on 02 9807 1806 or email otto@whitenow.com.au

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