1st April 2006

Welcome to the Quarterly “Club Stuff” Newsletter.

It’s Stuffed As Per Usual !

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In this issue of Club Stuff you will find:

Welcome on board our Queensland colleagues and our new Team Member

We are SO excited to welcome our colleagues from Queensland who join our regular visitors to the White Now website. You will see over the coming months that the website will expand to ensure that the NSW/ACT and QLD borders are removed and the industry can share ideas right along the Eastern seaboard !

Have you seen our new team member who is helping us spread the White Now word throughout QLD, NSW and the ACT? If you see her, say G’Day to Corina (the grinner) Bailey who we’re honoured to have join the White Now team. Want to see someone oozing personality ? Then that’s our Corina ! We love her and her integrity ! Another exciting addition to the team.

Did you spot the White Now Wizard ?

We hope that all the attendees at the CMAA Trade show in Darling Harbour recently met the White Now Wizard and picked up a pen and a Discount Voucher ! If not and you want a discount voucher sent to you, simply email us at info@whitenow.com.au and let us know your name and address and we will send you one out ASAP !

Job Ads - Positions Available

Every day we have anywhere between 50 and 80 ads on our Positions page at www.whitenow.com.au. No longer can we include ALL of these ads on the newsletters, so it is up to you to check in daily to see what’s there. Here are the ads that were lodged on the website in the past few days !!

  • General Manager — Wests Sports Club
  • Gaming Supervisor — Dee Why RSL Club
  • General Manager — Walgett RSL Club
  • Duty Manager — Souths Juniors
  • Sth East Asia Sales Manager — WMS Gaming
  • Gaming Coordinator — Panthers Group
  • Human Resources Manager — Wallsend Diggers
  • Shift Supervisor — Balmain Leagues Club
  • Contract Caterer x 2 — Penrith
  • Accounts Person — Terrigal Bowling Club
  • Bar Manager — Lane Cove
  • HR Manager — Chatswood RSL Club
  • Gaming Supervisor — The Epping Club
  • Sales Executive — Harold Park
  • Bar Supervisor — Palm Beach Currumbin Sports Club

AND ANOTHER 50 plus positions on www.whitenow.com.au

We are truly the most successful place to advertise your vacancy to achieve the most suitable applications……… and for as little as $195 plus GST for up to 2 months !

Buy ‘n Sell Stuff — What’s going on ?

Don’t forget that on our very popular Buy n Sell Page you can clear your store rooms of excess equipment and make money at the same time. Also, keep an eye out on the section "Items People are Looking For" — you may just have what they need. Current items people are searching for include:

  • Poker Machine Bases
  • Lawn Bowls Equipment
  • Projector & Screen for a laptop
  • Display Cabinet
  • Portable Dance Floor
  • Membership card printer/decoder
  • Table linen to suit round tables

AND Much more... People are also selling items such as:

  • Snooker Table
  • Jackpot Carnival Sign
  • Bar Stools
  • Konami Dot Matrix Printers
  • Promotional Wheels
  • Poker Machine Stools

Take a look at the Buy 'n Sell page at www.whitenow.com.au/v2/buynsell.htm to see MANY more items !

News and Stuff

This has GOT to be one of the most looked at pages in the history of websites. Don’t forget to look at the STUFF page DAILY at www.whitenow.com.au to see all the industry info that you need to know..

Just in the past two weeks or so, we have included the following News;

· Wests Leagues at Ashfield will welcome back Simon Cook to the role of Operations Manager.
· Jim Henry has stood down as President of the CMAA. Bill Clegg will take up the role until March 2007.
· CluBarham welcomes Mick Hickson into the role of Club Manager. Mick has moved from Capalaba in Queensland to take on the role !.
· Terrigal Bowling And Country Club have promoted Sally McCoy to the role of Secretary Manager.
· Paltronics welcome Jonathon Docking as their new Sales Executive for the Sydney Region.
· Dee Why RSL Club welcome Toby Kennett to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO).
· Congratulations To Andy Timbs who has achieved the role of CEO at Wests Ashfield
· The Board of Balmain Leagues Club are pleased to have appointed Tim Camiller in the role of CEO.
· Tuggerah Lakes Memorial Club have appointed the former Assistant CEO, Stephen Byfield to the role of CEO.
· Maroochydore RSL Club welcome Tom Casilieris as their new CEO.
· Glen Taylor has been appointed the new General Manager for the Briars at Greenlees (Bowling Club) !
· Congratulations to Richard Hogg who leaves Nelson Bay Golf Club to take in his new role as CEO at Catlina Country Club !
· Canberra Labor Club Group welcome Lester Neal and Brad Browne as their new Club Managers. All the best to both of you for your new move to Canberra !
· The Panthers Group welcome Danny Munk to the role of COO (Chief Operating Officer). Danny joins the Group in this newly created role (which includes the role of Group Gaming) leaving his role of CEO of Tigers.

Where else can you find such interesting information but on the Stuff Page at White Now ! Go to Stuff page ..........

We’ve got a secret !

We have a secret………… but don’t you hate it when someone tells you that they have a secret but they can't tell you what it is ? Sorry — we can't reveal it yet!

Here are some hints though;

· It will appear on the website over the coming months.
· When it appears, you will not be able to stay off the website for more than a day.
· You will be addicted !
· You will LOVE it !

That’s all we can tell you for now ! Sorry !

Interviewing Managers — Tips to get more realistic responses to your questions

Interviewees often get nervous before interviews, and why ? …mainly because they are worried about being ‘put on the spot’ with questions and have no time to put together a reasonable answer, which can throw them for the rest of the interview and .. they may actually be the perfect candidate. So why not give the candidates a little more time to think about what they really want to say ? Have you thought about this for an idea ? …………

When organising interviews, why not ask the candidate to come in 45 minutes earlier than you see them. Sit them in a comfortable area and give them a copy of the questions you want to ask them at interview. They will have time to think about their answers, they will be more relaxed and they will appreciate your efforts and foresight. Remember, you are not testing the candidates as to whether they can answer questions quickly but their knowledge. Who doesn’t need some time to put together their thoughts ?

Hot Spot Banners

Hi to our Supplier Colleagues.......are you used to only advertising your business in Industry Magazines ? Don’t forget that your target audience only reads these once. Did you realise that if you advertise on the White Now website, your ad will be viewed almost daily by your target audience as it flashes in front of them! This HAS to be great value doesn’t it ? With over 700,000 hits per month — where better is there to be seen by your target market but through a Hot Spot Banner Space. There are 3 prominent Hot Spot banner spaces available for your advertising purposes. Call Corina before dinner on 0415 249 131 or email corina@whitenow.com.au for a Rates Sheet !


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