December 2006

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Festive Season wishes and thanks from your team at White Now !

A message from Jenny White – Leader of Service and Fun
SO much has happened this year at White Now and thanks to YOU, we were awarded Highly Commended Status in the My Business Awards for Best E Business 2006. We are chuffed !! Without YOU and other wonderful clients, this would not have been achievable. A HUGE THANK YOU ! We are proud of continuing to be innovative leaders in this field and will continue to offer an extensive range of services (most of which are FREE) to you in 2007. An enormous big hug of thanks and gratitude to the most dedicated team of staff and consultants in the whole world. I am lucky and privileged to have you work beside me. We have fun and laughs all the way. I hope that in 2006 I have been able to give you all the work-life balance that I promised when I took you on board. You all deserve more than I can say in just words. Thank you to the whole team - Jenny !

Please take time this season to care for each other and enjoy the time you have with loved ones, you don’t know how short or long that time will be ....... so take advantage of it.
Thanks for a wonderful 2006 and we look forward to a magical 2007.

A message from Corina Bailey – Marketing Guru and Queensland Representative.
Thanks to everyone, especially our wonderful Queensland clients for your enthusiasm and ongoing support of White Now. Thanks for your many positive comments and commitment to the website, particularly the Chat Forum. I’ve had buckets of fun getting out there and meeting you all this year. It’s been one of the best years of my working career. I have a habit of chewing peoples ears off – so apologies to those who have been on the end of this, I just love a chat and can’t see that ever changing (unless I have my mouth surgically sewn up, which is not in the future plans!). We are also looking forward to being able to support Clubs QLD in 2007 as Bronze members and will continue to see you at zone meetings. Thanks again for assisting us to make YOUR website Number 1 in the industry and in the top 5 in the country !!
Have a safe festive period - Corina

To ALL our valuable clients; Instead of the traditional cards that we used to send out at this time of year, the team at White Now have decided to make a significant donation to ‘Sids and Kids’ to be put towards their National Health and Education Program.
We thank you for your support with this decision.

Jenny and the team at White Now !

Chat Forum Winners and Get Togethers

Thanks to all the Chat Forum users for making the area a very active and informative place for industry to chat about issues anonymously & at no cost. It makes great reading !

Congratulations to BikerChick for winning our last Newsletter Competition. She received a huge, gorgeous arrangement of bright flowers, a delectable box of Lindt Chocolates, sweet smelling pot pourri and rose oil. The prize was delivered to her at her club, which kept the staff guessing ! Thanks for being with us BikerChick ! Congratulations also to Alex11 who won a similar gift for being our 200th new member of the Chat Forum. Alex11 had his flowers sent anonymously to a special ‘flame’ at a neighbouring club. Slick and romantic move Alex11 - we hope she was impressed !

Thanks to the members of the Fellowship of the Forum who started online in the Chat Forum, then decided to meet in real life at a gathering at a pub in Sydney. This Fellowship will be sure to grow through 2007 with future meetings organised in the coming months.
Visit the Chat Forum on and register for free and anonymously. It is the best thing you will do in 2007 !

Gaming Machines, Gaming Entitlements and Related Equipment Trading Place – What is available for Sale TODAY !

THIS IS A FIRST IN THE INDUSTRY – At the moment in the Secure Area of the Chat Forum on you’ll find a range of gaming machines and blocks of entitlements ready for sale NOW at bargain prices never been seen before .This is obviously a restricted area for members of the Gaming Industry only…….. that’s how we ensure that all Regulations and Legislations are adhered to. If you are a genuine person in the Gaming Industry, we will grant you access to the area. Simply register as a Chat Forum user then read the Guidelines regarding the Restricted area and then complete the form within that area. If you are a member of the Gaming Industry, you will receive an email granting you access then you can see what is for sale and trade directly with the seller. We take NO brokerage fee for sales - we simply have a secure place where you can trade between yourselves !

Fast Facts For 2006 – Did you know ?
  1. White Now assisted clients to sell over 2035 items through the Buy n Sell service on
  2. YOU witnessed over 1350 different Positions/Vacancies advertised on the White Now Positions Page
  3. White Now welcomed over 235 new members to the Chat Forum in the space of 3 months and enjoyed over 1000 posts/articles within that period
  4. In September, White Now reached 1 Million hits per month and has since then grown monthly to a hit rate of 1.25 million hits per month !
  5. Your favourite website was rewarded with Highly Commended Status in the 2006 My Business Awards for Best E Business 2006. We are number 5 in the country !
  6. There are more TV sets in the United States than there are people in the United Kingdom !
  7. White Now continued to provide a multitude of Free Services to our viewers
  8. The collecting of beer/drink coasters as a hobby is called Tegestology
  9. White Now remains your Leading Industry Website, refusing to be one of the followers and succeeding in being the leaders !
  10. Eskimos use refrigerators to keep their food from freezing
  11. White Now genuinely thank you for your support in 2006 !
Some interesting info from Coca Cola Amatil !

Did you know ............ That Coca Cola Amatil are now distributors of ........

- Pilsner Urquell
- Peroni Nastro Azzuro
- Miller Genuine Draft

Please speak to your CCA Rep or phone 13 COKE to place your order !


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