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  • Job Ops — Some of the Great Opportunities Awaiting You White Now !!!
  • WN2 - What’s New White Now - White Now’s Short Listing Service, taking the effort out of finding YOU the best candidates !
  • Wiz’s Wizdom — Interviewing Tips for the Interviewer, from the White Now Wizard
  • Did-U-Know — Trivia and Useless Tit-bits !
  • Panthers, Passion & Politics — Have YOU read the book 'The Roger Cowan Years" - The book that sets the record straight ???
  • Suppliers Grow Your Business — There are SO many benefits to advertising on line ........ hit your target audience for significantly less $$$
  • Disclosure

Job Ops — Some of the Great Opportunities Awaiting You White Now !!!

There are more than 80 jobs currently advertised on White Now !!! From Supies to Bookkeepers and DM’s to GM’s; from QLD to ACT and NSW to Port Macquarie - White Now is the ONLY place to go when you are looking for a new job or searching for the best location to place an ad.

Here are just some of the 80 plus roles currently being advertised White Now:

CEO — Narrabri Golf Club

OPERATIONS MANAGER — Moorebank Sports Club

DUTY MANAGER — South Sydney Graphic Arts Club


GENERAL MANAGER — Tuggerah Lakes Golf Club



RECEPTIONIST — Mounties Group, Harbord Diggers

We are constantly adding new positions to the site, so why not visit us on



WN2 — What’s New White Now ?

White Now continues to lead the industry with innovative new products
and services to assist our valued clients with the difficult and
time-consuming process of recruiting staff for their businesses.

We have recently added three new Short Listing Packages to our box of tricks which will greatly assist you when it comes to recruiting Supervisors
through to General Managers. And should you require something outside the
listed packages, we can tailor our services to your needs
and provide you with a quote.

The Short Listing Packages include advertising on White Now, SEEK and MyCareer and then, depending on the level of involvement you would like
US to have; we can collect, cull, interview, short list, reference check and
write to candidates on your behalf.

Find out more about these useful and effective packages
by clicking on the link below:

Short Listing Packages



Wiz’s Wisdom — Interviewing Tips from the White Now Wizard


Interviewing a prospective candidate is an unnatural and stressful situation for BOTH the interviewee AND the interviewer !!!

The key to a successful interview is PREPARATION and PRACTICE.

It is important that you have done the ground work PRIOR to sitting down with the candidate so that you are more relaxed and at ease. This will be reflected in the way you speak and relate to the candidate and will ultimately make for a much more successful and meaningful interview. Below are some key points that you need to consider if and when you are going to interview:

  • Make some general notes about the questions that you intend to ask
  • Sit down with the Position/Job Description and establish what the KEY attributes and skills are that you require and use these to tailor your questions
  • Make a detailed list of questions (usually between 12 and 20 depending on the role you are recruiting for)
  • For any of the important information that you require, make sure you have a couple of questions that probe the area you want to find out about. It is important that you are prepared to ask the candidate to expand on their answer if you do not get what you want the first (or second, or third) time
  • Plan the environment. Thought should be given to where you and the candidate are going to sit. Where possible, try to avoid having the candidate’s back to a door and if there are windows looking in to the offices, draw the blinds to avoid distractions; make sure the process is private; that there are not any interruptions and that the interviewee is looked after upon arrival and whilst they wait (tea/coffee/water)
  • Don’t forget that when you get nervous, your mouth dries out. Your candidates are exactly the same — please remember to have plenty of water on hand so that you can keep them hydrated
  • Put yourself AND the interviewee at ease — begin by ‘chatting’ about the position/ organisation and get the candidate to tell you a little about themselves or previous roles (try to keep this brief, but make sure the candidate is in the swing of things before you move on to the more probing questions). Remember to SMILE !!!
  • Ask open-ended questions (questions that require more than a YES of NO answer)
  • Make sure the interviewee does the majority of the talking — after-all, you want to find out about them
  • Bare-in-mind the idea of an interview is not to ‘stump’ the interviewee !!! Ask questions that they will be able to answer and encourage them to expand. You should lead in to an in-depth question with a brief query about whether they have had a specific experience. For example: Have you had the opportunity to be involved in the setting of budgets ? If the candidate answers ‘No’, you can move on. However if they answer ‘Yes’, you can probe more deeply with: “Please would you tell us about a time when you have had to set a budget and how you went about doing so ?”
  • Building pressure will most likely cause a candidate to ‘clam-up’. Calm, relaxed and well-thought-out questions will bring out the information you need to make an informed decision
  • Once again, don’t be afraid to go back over something if it needs further clarification


Did-U-Know - Trivia & Useless Tit-Bits !!!

Did you know that during his entire life, Vincent Van Gogh sold exactly one painting, Red Vineyard at Arles ?  
  Q: How many curls did Shirley Temple always have in her hair ?
A: 56
Did you know that Captain Kirk never said "Beam me up, Scotty" ?
But he did say, "Beam me up, Mr. Scott".
  Did you know that the only member of the band ZZ Top to not have a beard has the last name Beard ?
Q: Which two countries have participated in every modern Olympics Games since they began in 1896 ?
A: Greece and Australia
  Did you know that Oliver Cromwell was hanged and decapitated two years after he had died ?
And finally - Blueberry Jelly Bellies were created especially for Ronald Reagan  


Panthers, Passion & Politics

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or had your head stuck in the sand, you will have heard about Roger Cowan and the Royal Commission.

Well, here is your opportunity to find out all the gory details and at the same time learn about some of the challenges that Roger Cowan and the Board at Panthers faced !

This is an informative and candid narrative on the lead up to the Royal Commission and what occurred behind the scenes. It raises some intriguing questions and sets the record straight on a number of others !

If you are a Club Manager, Director, Supplier or Business Professional, there are a number of valuable lessons to be learnt — this is a MUST READ !!!

To find out more about this page-turner or to order your copy through White Now, click on the link below or go to the website :

Panthers, Passion & Politics



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