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  • Job Ops — Some of the Great Opportunities Awaiting You White Now !!!
  • WN2 - What’s New White Now
  • Wiz’s Wizdom — Guidance to Writing Position/Job Descriptions from the White Now Wizard
  • Did-U-Know — Trivia and Useless Tit-bits !
  • Suppliers Grow Your Business — There are SO many benefits to advertising online ........ hit your target audience for significantly less $$$
  • Disclosure

Job Ops — Some of the Great Opportunities Awaiting You White Now !!!

There are around 65 jobs currently advertised on White Now !!! From Supies to Bookkeepers and DM’s to GM’s; from QLD to ACT and NSW - White Now is the ONLY place to go when you are looking for a new job or searching for the best location to place an ad.

Here are just some of the variety of roles currently being advertised White Now:



OPERATIONS MANAGER — Parramatta Leagues Club

GAMING OPERATIONS MANAGER —Milton-Ulladulla Ex-Servicemen's Club


SECRETARY MANAGER — Iluka Bowling Club

DUTY MANAGER — Canberra Labor Club

CONTRACT CATERERS — Murwillumbah Golf Club / Shoalhaven Ex-Servicemen's Club / Croydon Park Ex-Servicemen's Club / Kellyville Country Club

ADMINISTRATION MANAGER — Coffs Harbour Catholic, Recreation and Sports Club.


We are constantly adding new positions to the site, so why not visit us on www.whitenow.com.au



WN2 — What’s New White Now ?

Here is just a reminder of some of the great services we’ve added recently

Financial Recruitment

Short Listing Service

Resume Surgery with Dr White Now ! — back by popular demand !

Click on the links to read more about these services.



Wiz’s Wisdom —Guidance to Writing Position/Job Descriptions from the White Now Wizard

In our December 07 Newsletter we gave you some (hopefully) valuable tips about preparing for and conducting interviews. This month, we are going to look at a vital part of the HR function and what forms a very important step of the recruitment process PRIOR to interviewing !


And that is .......... Writing a Position/Job Description !

There is a mass of collective wisdom relating to “How” to write a Position Description (PD) and ultimately there is not a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to do so, as long as the Employee has a document that very clearly sets-out the EXPECTATIONS and PERFORMANCE INDICATORS of the business AND the Employer posses one-in-the-same document that can be used to measure performance and REWARD or COUNSEL against as required !

Position Descriptions form the back-bone of an employee’s working conditions and working relationship with a business. Accordingly, each and every employee should ideally have a current and effective PD that is available in their personnel file. From the recruitment perspective, it is imperative that a PD is produced, made relevant and current, and studied prior to writing a positions vacant advert or commencing interviews ! After all, how can you write an advert about what you are looking for in a person and their duties if you have not refreshed your memory with their current PD ?

All too often, companies make the mistake of over-complicating a PD. Keep it straight forward and make sure there are measurable achievements documented — an employee should never be under any false pretence when it comes to having done their job; either they have exceeded/lived up to/or not achieved the expectations listed in their PD and accordingly will be rewarded/acknowledged/counseled.


For example, if a PD very clearly sets out that a Roster Manager has an expectation (or KPIs) to achieve an average wage to sales percentage in a bar of 22% to be rewarded with 20% (or $1,000) of his/her $5,000 bonus.

Then s/he should know precisely where s/he stands come the end of the stipulated period. At this time, the employee should be able to walk in to the Manager’s office with their hand held out waiting for the $1,000 bonus for achieving 22% (or lower), or their apology ready for achieving a result of 22.01% or more !

Even if an employee only missed the mark by 0.01 of a percent, they did not achieve what was expected and written down on paper and should be ready for the result of not achieving their bonus based on this.

As with all goals/targets, they should be achievable and the person involved should have complete control over them. There is no point telling the above employee to achieve a wage percentage of 22% and then a couple of months later decide that you want 2 extra staff in the bar on every shift to pick up glasses .......... s/he can not possibly control their wages if they do not have the authority to control their environment.

Most importantly, remember why you set goals/KPIs in the first place. To motivate and stimulate the employee, not to set a goal and then look back and say "well we could/should have done better" ! How de-motivating ! Set an achievable goal that they will be rewarded for if achieved and let them loose to achieve it !

Equally as importantly, if they fall short of the mark and have not lived up to the expectations, then be ready to counsel and re-stipulate the expectations. Most importantly, make sure the goals/KPIs are being measured at regular and consistent intervals so that if they are not being reached, you can put in place a counseling, re-training and termination process leading up to the end result rather than getting to the end of the period and realising that none of the expectations have been met and you have done nothing about it ! You can’t fire the person on the spot. However, if you have followed the counseling procedure at each point and get to the end of the period and the goals have not been met, you are in a far stronger position to terminate the employee !

Below are some of the key items that should be included in a PD:

  • Date Issued
  • Date Revised or Prepared
  • Incumbent’s Name
  • Job Title - ensure it is accurate and reflects the level and function of the job
  • Department
  • Position/Structure — note where the role fits in to the structure and who the employee reports to and who reports to them
  • Position Summary — usually a couple of lines explaining the job function and relevance to the business
  • List Key Attributes; Qualifications; Experience and Competencies (Work Based Competencies: can they pull a beer or clear an EGM and Behavioural Competencies: leadership skills, motivation, communication)
  • Responsibilities — concisely state the purpose of the job and the principal role and expectations
  • Duties - stipulate what is involved in the role
  • Accountabilities — list the expectation and the measurement process that will be used
Eg: Accountability
Writing Bar Roster
Wages to Sales % to be in line with budget
Achieve W to S percentage of 22% or less
  • Stipulate bonus structure and what it relates to —
Eg: Eligible bonus $5,000
20% Bar Wage to Sales Percentage Achieved
20% Overall Financial Performance of the Club (promotes teamwork)
30% Sourcing and implementing a new roster software program within budget and having 2 staff trained up to support the Roster Manager by end of FY08 (Budget for Software program $9,000)
30% Ensuring all new employees are rostered for a minimum of 16 hours (4x4hrs) on buddy shifts with experienced and competent ‘buddies’ prior to being released on to the floor on their own
  • List any special requirements
  • Ensure there is a signature and date space

Where possible, avoid using jargon and make sure acronyms/abbreviations are kept to a minimum. Try to give as much information as possible and always consider legal ramifications and requirements.

We hope that the Wiz's Words of Wisdom have helped you in your understanding of this important topic !



Did-U-Know - Trivia & Useless Tit-Bits !!!

Bees must collect the nectar from two thousand flowers to make one tablespoonful of honey  
  Q: Who did Walt Disney name Mickey Mouse after ?
A: Mickey Rooney, whose Mother he dated for some time
Four people played Darth Vader: David Prowse was his body, James Earl Jones did the voice, Sebastian Shaw was his face and a fourth person did the breathing  
  Q: How many grams of Gold is there in an Olympic Gold Medal ?
A: 6 grams
Cleopatra's last name was Ptolemy, and she was Greek rather than Egyptian  
  Q: Where does the term “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye” come from ?
A: From Ancient Rome. The only rule during wrestling matches was, “No eye gouging.” Everything else was allowed, but the only way to be disqualified was to poke someone's eye out
Australia is the richest source of mineral sands in the world ?  
  That you burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV ?


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