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What’s In Store For You in the July ’08 Edition of White Now’s What’s News ?


Job Ops — Some of the Great Opportunities Awaiting You White Now !!!

There are around 60 jobs currently advertised on White Now !!! From Supies to Bookkeepers and DM’s to GM’s; from QLD to ACT and NSW - White Now is the ONLY place to go when you are looking for a new job or searching for the best location to place an ad.

Here are just some of the variety of roles currently being advertised White Now:


TEMP CLUB MANAGER — Middle Harbour 16" Skiff Club


ASSISTANT MANAGER — Woodburn Evans Head RSL Club


HR COORDINATOR — Parramatta Leagues

GENERAL MANAGER — Broken Hill Legion Club

FOOD AND BEVERAGE MANAGER —Narromine United Services Club



Who Got What Jobs Where ?

Go to the Stuff Page and click on Movers and Newsers and all will be revealed.

Find out who won these roles:

Click here to find out who the new Marketing Manager at Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club is.

Click here to find out who's the new General Manager - Hospitality at Wenty Leagues Club

Click here to find out who the new COO at Illawarra Catholic Club is.

What is Larry Collins now up to ? Click here to find out.

We are constantly adding new positions and new moves to the site, so why not visit us on www.whitenow.com.au



WN2 — What’s New White Now ?

Keep watching the website — you never know what we’re up to - but let's face it, we are forever growing !!!

(Clue 1: New Colour Scheme Coming Soon)
(Clue 2: A New Way of Applying for that Perfect Position)



Nice Thread !!! - What’s Going On in Our Chat Forum White Now ?

E-Recruitment Packages

"Hi All

Just wondering if any clubs out there utilise an E-Recruitment software package through their website.

We are a large club that receives in excess of 60-80 applications per week. These applications come direct from our website, cold call applications and from our internal Clubline system. Some are great and others really don't even come close to meeting our selection criteria...

(click here to continue reading the thread)

If you have not signed up for the White Now Chat Forum, what are you waiting for ???

It is all free and totally anonymous. All you need to do to join the Forum, is to register with a nickname and an email address. No-one will see your email address (except White Now Site Admin). Due to Privacy Legislation, our site admin can never disclose this email address to ANYONE. Be safe and secure knowing that anything that you say on the Forum is anonymous !

  • Finally you can say what you have always been thinking !
  • Finally you can ask those questions that you may have been too shy to ask your peers !
  • Finally you can discuss issues that are real to you without fear of being judged and without effecting your position !


Wiz’s Wisdom — Tips for Selecting the Successful Candidate

Hopefully you continue to find this section both interesting AND helpful. In this edition of the Newsletter we offer tips for selecting the successful candidate — what is important is that you stick to a PROCESS and do not just go with ‘gut feel’ or ‘instinct’. Don’t get me wrong — gut feel and instinct both have a part to play throughout the recruitment process, however you should follow a process which is based on the information and facts at hand and then reference your findings against your ‘feelings’ ! In other words, go through being OBJECTIVE and then check your findings against your feelings about the candidate (SUBJECTIVE).

Back in previous editions of the Newsletter, we gave you some tips on how to write an advert to attract candidates. We then talked about interview techniques and the importance of preparing the questions that you are going to ask to get the best out of the candidate. All this was followed up with information on how to write a Job/Position Description.

If you have followed this advice, the time has come where you have hopefully had a great response to an advert you have created; you have delivered a well thought out interview that has helped you gather valuable information and all of this was based on the Job/Position Description that you wrote specifically for the role.

And you are now about to make the final decision in selecting the successful candidate:

  • Review the Job/Position Description — this should, after-all be exactly WHAT you are looking for in the person to fulfill the role that is on offer. If not, how will you know whether or not you have the right person ?
  • Analyse each candidate’s skills and attributes against the position requirements. It is extremely important that you have a clear understanding of which skills and attributes are: MUST have; SHOULD have and would be NICE to have so you can gauge candidates objectively.
    • Eg. MUST have an Accounting Degree. SHOULD have over 3 years experience (but would consider 2+) and would be NICE to have experience in a Club of a similar size.
  • Assess ALL of the information obtained — application form; covering letter; resume; reports; tests; interview and most importantly REFERENCES* !
  • Select the person that is best suited to the job requirements and if you are unsure, get them back for another interview, at which stage you would ideally ask someone else to sit in with you as an observer so that you are able to discuss the interview at a later stage (but not until after YOU have had an opportunity to OBJECTIVELY compare the candidate to the criteria that you invited them back to find out more about) !
  • Record how you made your decision and what information you based it on as this will become very valid should you ever have to justify your decision. (Remember: the successful candidate may at some point in time view their personnel file, so be aware of any notes you commit to paper).
  • Ensure the entire process is kept confidential.
  • Make sure you are aware of any prejudices that may cloud your judgement and be true to yourself throughout the process.
  • And finally, run through this brief checklist to ensure you are on track:
    • Does the candidate meet the requirements of the job specification ?
    • Do they show evidence that they can fulfill the requirements of the Job/Position Description ?
    • Do they have the right temperament for the job ?
    • Do they have the physical attributes required to do the job ?
    • Do they have the experience required to do the job ?
    • Do they have the qualifications required to do the job ?
    • Do they look like they would fit in culturally ?
    • Have they supplied references which reassure you about their suitability ?
    • Did the referees provide you with enough information to base your decision on ?

* You are obliged to carry out reference checks on candidates under your duty of care obligations. It is not uncommon for organisations to use companies to conduct some or all of the recruitment process, in particular the REFERENCE checking as they are often much more aware of the true reason a candidate is applying for the job !



Did-U-Know - Trivia & Useless Tit-Bits !!!

The underside of a horse's hoof is called a frog. The frog peels off several times a year with new growth  
  Q: Why do ostriches bury their heads in the sand ?
A: They actually don’t. In a study of 200,000 ostriches over a period of eighty years, no one reported a single case where an ostrich buried its head in the sand (or attempted to do so).
From space, the brightest man-made place is Las Vegas, Nevada  
  Q: What are US Dollar bills made out of ?
A: Cotton and Linen
A raisin dropped in a glass of fresh champagne will bounce up and down continuously from the bottom of the glass to the top  
  Q: How many muscles does a cat have in each ear ?
A: 32
China has more English speakers than the United States  


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