December 2008

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Job Ops — Some of the Great Opportunities Awaiting You White Now !!!

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In this newsletter we are profiling 3 varied and exciting roles:

GENERAL MANAGER — OPERATIONS — Panthers Port Macquarie

CONTRACT CATERER — The Hunters Hill Club

SALES — Hampers and Baskets

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A Great Story — Some positive news amongst all the doom and gloom

Hampers and Baskets is a company based in North Wollongong that is setting an example for the rest of the business world by putting in place an employment policy of hiring baby boomers that need to return to work either because their superannuation schemes have taken a dive during the current financial crisis or simply because they are not ready to be relegated to the ‘scrap heap’ (not quite yet anyhow) !

The company, who specialise in producing a range of gift products is totally Australian owned and takes pride in sourcing produce from the South Coast /Shoalhaven region, an area close to the beautiful Jamberoo Valley.

The Managing Director of this great business is none other than Mark Lumley previously of Tooheys/Keno/Ainsworth fame and he currently employs a team of workers whose average age is 63. For those of you that know Mark, you’ll smile when we tell you that HE is referred to as the “Office Junior” as he is a young(ish) 45. (Note from the editor: young by comparison to his team but we daren’t tell him he looks more second hand than they do) !

When given the opportunity to speak about his fantastic team (Note from Ed: Or on any other subject), Mark is effusive in his praise and the excitement and genuine affection is tangible: “The wonderful thing with the team is that they have the finest work ethics, are so reliable, and they really enjoy coming to work. To hear them talking, laughing and joking makes it a delight to be in our business - that then reflects in the quality of presentation and contents of our products. It is as though each basket is their “baby” and is packed perfectly, on time, every time”, Mark said.

Mark has commented to me personally that the team often pulls him in to line when he is working a “little too hard” and they make him stop for a scone with cream and jam and a nice cup-a-tea. None of them take him (or themselves) too seriously, making it a harmonious, lively and fun place to be.........who needs office politicking ? What is even more special about the whole thing is that because of the care, love and humour within, the product, customer and business ‘without’ all benefit also !

Hampers and Baskets had humble beginnings 2½ years ago in the backyard at the Lumley’s ! Mark, his family and of course the team fondly recall a couple of Christmas’ back when they were all madly packing baskets at midnight with one of Mark’s sons shrink-filming with his mother’s hair-dryer the night before all the deliveries were to go out. Importantly, there was not one error and all the baskets went out to order and on time to thousands of happy customers ! is a new addition to the already successful Hampers and Baskets by Vogue business. Mark commented, “We were keen to develop an e-commerce site that would expose our quality products to a broader market and in so-doing, establish Hampers and Baskets by Vogue as a player in the marketplace of today and tomorrow”.

“We are extremely excited about our new site. We set the brief that it would be classy, easy to use and a pleasure to visit and from the comments and encouragement we are receiving from friends and customers, we seem to have achieved what we set out to do”.

The website, was launched on Monday 10th November 2008 and Mark and his team of “Old Cronies” (their terminology, not ours) are prepped and ready for the onslaught of the Festive Season and beyond. has great pleasure in extending the following Special Offer to Subscribers of the White Now Newsletter:

To celebrate the launch of

Buy ANY 15 Baskets and Receive ONE basket FREE
(to equal or lesser value)

Simply mention White Now when placing your phone order or make a note on your online order in the Referral Code section of the checkout process.



Movers & Newsers

There is only one place to keep up with all the latest moves and news within the Industry and that’s through the “Stuff” page on your favourite website !!! (There’s also some fun bits and pieces on there to fill in the ‘quiet times’) !

To find out more about the exciting moves below, CLICK HERE !

Tigers welcomes a new Marketing Manager, Nicole Florio

Scott Cadman leaves Canberra to join Panthers Entertainment Group

The new Group Marketing Manager at Castle Hill RSL is Melanie Morson

Lismore Workers announce a new Group Human Resource Manager, Felicity Blackadder and a new Premise Manager for the Lismore Heights Bowling Club site in Anthony Gray

Peter Butcher commences as General Manager of the Tattersalls Club

If you need to keep up-to-date and in the ‘know’ with what’s going on, then you need to be regularly checking the “Stuff” page......... it’s the easiest and most fun way to remain current !



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Hampers and Baskets

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