December 2008 - 2nd Edition

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Job Ops — Some of the Great Opportunities Awaiting You White Now !!!

There are more than 35 jobs currently advertised on !!! From Supies to Bookkeepers and DM's to GM's, from QLD to ACT and NSW to Port Macquarie - White Now is the ONLY place to go when you are looking for a new job or searching for the best location to place an ad.

In this newsletter we are profiling 5 varied and exciting roles:



CEO — Coffs Harbour Catholic Club

EXECUTIVE CHEF — Kingscliff Beach Club

DUTY MANAGER — Cardiff & Newcastle Panthers

We are constantly adding new positions to the site, so why not visit us on



Smell the Coffee !!!
NSW clubs leading the way in coffee profitability.

Who would have thought? A large number of NSW Clubs are taking an innovative approach to ‘coffee’ service, in an attempt to find new and non-traditional avenues of profit. And it’s working.

With professional coffee equipment, quality product and well-trained staff – these Clubs are now providing their members with a new Club experience, and members are returning in droves.

For the Clubs, the profit margins on cafe-style beverages are excellent. And in some cases the coffee areas and catering have become the fastest growing profit centres in the business.

Maximise profit from catering and coffee.

Are you missing out on this new opportunity for profit? Coffee specialist, John Hennessy, can easily help you find out. He believes that sometimes all it takes is a few simple changes, and your Club could be well on the way to optimising its coffee profits.

With over a decade of experience supplying quality coffee and machines to the NSW Club industry – John is the main thrust behind this new Australian Club Coffee Culture.

And with the launch of his new website this month – – John is hoping to help even more Clubs realise their potential when it comes to being ‘everything to everyone’.

The website showcases his range of equipment, products and services. Here’s a sample of what Hennessy Coffee can offer you:

· Industry-reknown service standards
· The best equipment from the US, UK and Europe
· Award-winning coffee blends, with custom blends available
· Excellence in staff training
· Tailor-made equipment packages for your specific requirements

Talk to John Hennessy and his team about how they can help you increase your Club's profits – simply by ‘doing coffee’ better!

Find out if your coffee ‘business’ could be more profitable.

John has great pleasure in extending the following Special Offer to Subscribers of the White Now Newsletter:


Meet with Hennessy Coffee in January/February
to find out more about the simple steps you could take
to maximise your coffee and catering profitability.


Call John TODAY on
0418 474 494

Merry Christmas from John and the team at Hennessy Coffee.


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Movers & Newsers

There is only one place to keep up with all the latest moves and news within the Industry and that’s through the “Stuff” page on your favourite website !!! (There’s also some fun bits and pieces on there to fill in the ‘quiet times’) !

To find out more about the exciting moves below, CLICK HERE !

Kim Sutcliffe joins the team at Hennessy Coffee in the role of Account Manager/Coffee Trainer

Illawarra Catholic Club welcomes a new Marketing Assistant, Nikki Walton

Hennessy Coffee have been awarded another Golden Bean Award

If you need to keep up-to-date and in the ‘know’ with what’s going on, then you need to be regularly checking the “Stuff” page......... it’s the easiest and most fun way to remain current !



Hot Spot Banner Advertising

Looking to get your brand or product out there to your target market ???

Looking for an effective and affordable alternative to:

  1. Glossy brochures
    (Which more often than not are thrown out prior to being read)
  2. Expensive magazines
    (Which sit on a table and never get read)
  3. Or Radio
    (Where you pay for ALL the people you DON’T need to target as well as the ones you do) !!!

If you are looking for a medium that reaches more than 25,000 of your specific market each month and who are continually returning to view the information, therefore giving you a greater ‘Bang for Your Buck’ than the options above — then why not advertise on White Now just like this business has ???

Hennessy Coffee

To Find Out More Contact Us White Now On: or 02 9807 1806




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