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June 2009 Edition

Here's how White Now can help you make a life changing decision !

At www.whitenow.com.au we have the pick of the crop of Jobs available when it comes to Positions Vacant. Get inspired to look at your career and ensure that you truly DO want to wake up and go to work each day. We currently have over 40 Positions Vacant on www.whitenow.com.au. Here are just some to inspire you to look further...

Duty Manager — Sydney's Northern Beaches ! View this ad here
General Manager — Orange in Central NSW ! View this ad here
Contract Caterer — Sydney CBD ! View this ad here
Functions Manager — Outer Sydney ! View this ad here
HR Coordinator — Successful Sydney Club with a Values Based culture! View this ad here

For a full listing of jobs - CLICK HERE


Here's how you can find Chefs and Kitchen staff in these times of drastic shortages !

An initiative to address the Chef Shortage...

The RSL & Services Clubs Association, White Now and Trans-Civ have developed "A Partnership to Bridge the Gap" to act on and provide real solutions to the drastic shortage of Chefs, cooks and related positions in the hospitality industry. This partnership assists clubs in achieving the best exposure for their "back of house" catering related vacancies whilst gaining access to a highly skilled, additional pool of candidates never directly targeted before.

White Now continues to be the leading industry specific Job Board and Recruitment Service available to clubs. Trans-Civ are renowned for offering a service to Military members and their families to assist them with transitioning out of the Defence Force to Civilian life. Every year there are around 5000 members of the Defence Force leaving to source alternative careers away from Defence. Many of these candidates are highly skilled in "back of house" operations, whether it is Catering Management, different levels of Chef Operations, Cooking or Service skills.

Now, when you use the services of White Now to source candidates for "back of house" vacancies whether it is simply through advertising or indeed the additional recruitment services, you will be given the opportunity to access an extra pool of candidates through Trans-Civ that may just fit the role! The RSL & Services Clubs Association is proud to partner with these two recognised organisations to offer "like minded" ex-Defence personnel to your club. What a great partnership!

For more information on the "Partnership to Bridge the Gap" or to talk about your current "back of house" vacancies, call the team at White Now on 02 9807 1806


Announcing — Bananas in Pyjamas have been trained to Recruit and Select by White Now ! Here's why your accounting transactions with White Now will be even better !

White Now WOW's the team in The ABC Managers Program

White Now jumped at the chance to deliver the program "Recruitment Skills and Techniques" to the dynamic team at The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in Ultimo. Managers came from all over Australia for the program; from ABC TV Producers to the ABC's website online Manager through to Regional Radio Managers. Toby and Jenny spent the day delivering all there is to know about organising interviews, making a candidate feel welcome, continual customer care and contact, promoting the organisation and its values, preparing selection criteria and questions through to reference checking and follow up. The Managers gave feedback such as

· "The presenters really knew their subject and made it fun and interesting"

· "The energy and enthusiasm of the presenters kept the day interesting"

· "I never realised the importance of promoting The ABC in the best light even through a recruitment process".

White Now are proud of yet another achievement in the corporate world. For more information on Recruitment Training, call White Now on 02 9807 1806.


Bean Counter Extraordinaire arrives to read the paper !

You know when you're running a good business with a positive work culture when people want to return to your team. After 9 years away from Jenny White and her team at White Now, Jan Gibson has returned to the fold to again take over the bean counting function. Jan brings a smile to the office and a keen sense of accuracy and efficiency. In return, she loves the flexibility that White Now offers their team and the fun atmosphere which includes treats such as fresh filtered coffee and homemade cakes, newspapers, couches/lounge area, Foxtel, an outdoor area, games and plenty of "fun attractions" to get the team's mind enthused. Welcome back to the smiling face that is Jan Gibson. We LOVE having you back on the team. Thanks for saying YES ! Jan can be found at accounts@whitenow.com.au

Here's why you and others can achieve the best results for your business by just talking to White Now.

White Now saves a venue $80K and makes them thousands of $$$$ !!

Did you know that White Now has saved clients over $1.6 million by simply understanding their clients' needs. By listening, thinking and drawing on over 20 years experience to determine that when a vacancy arises, that there is not a "more important business decision to be made", White Now has made recommendations and suggestions that have had genuinely AMAZING results for the businesses involved ! We understand that there may just be a smarter way to achieve the same business goal, even if there is NOT a direct return to OUR business !

One amazing White Now initiative that saved a club over $80,000 and made them HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars was when after listening to the client's REAL needs, we suggested that instead of employing a Business Development Manager externally, they look at utilising their keen, internal line staff who were studying business or relevant disciplines.

The recommendation from White Now was that they form a "think tank group" which brought about countless initiatives and business ideas that were then taken to the Senior Executive.........after all, many heads are better than one ! A bi-product of this "think-tank" process are some of the most motivated staff at that venue ! Investing time, trust and support in your team is a great motivator and ultimately leads to better business ! All this was achieved through one phone call to White Now...........and the best part for the client is that they were charged NOTHING ! This was simply another case of White Now adding value to an already loyal client and brainstorming ideas in an effort to achieve the best possible outcome for THEM ! Do you have a challenging situation ?

Are you unsure of whether or not to fill a vacancy ? Then why not talk to one of the team at White Now on 02 9807 1806 ? They are here to help add value to YOUR business and the INDUSTRY.


How to make sure that you get the stuff done that you WANT to get done EVERY SINGLE DAY 7 reasons why YOU should visit www.whitenow.com.au every day

The best shot you have at achieving the most each day is making sure that your day starts as best as it can. Remember Mum used to say "eat your breakfast — its fuel for the day". Well, extend that and set the benchmark for each day from the minute you wake. Create a routine that is the same EVERY day.

Your routine should include things that relax you, get your mind thinking, get your body moving and make you smile. Try including things such as;
- having a bath/shower
- reading a motivational book for 15 minutes
- stretching or deep breathing
- playing with the kids for 15 minutes
- eating a healthy breakfast
- read the paper in a coffee shop for 30 minutes.

Then when you start work, look at your daily list and update it BEFORE you start. Then commence the day with the task that is imperative for the day. Once that is out of the way, you can feel great about tackling the other tasks.



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7.    Did you know that there are hundreds of chairs, tables and stools for sale at great prices on the Buy n Sell page ? Click here.



How you can make a meal in less than 10 minutes

One Step Ham, Cheese and Spring Onion Quiche


   4 eggs, lightly beaten
   1 1/2 cups (375ml) low-fat milk
   1 cup (70g) fresh breadcrumbs
   1 cup (120g) grated low-fat tasty cheese
   100g lean ham, diced
   3 spring onions finely chopped
   1 tablespoon dijon mustard


1.   Preheat oven to 200°C or 180°C fan. Lightly grease a 24cm ceramic ovenproof pie dish.
2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Season with pepper and pour into prepared dish. Bake for 30 minutes, until golden and set. Serve with salad


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