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March 2011 Edition

Over 50 options that you could look at to change your life !

With www.whitenow.com.au being the Industry's #1 WEBSITE, we have the pick of the crop of Jobs available. Get inspired to look at your career and ensure that you truly DO want to get up and go to work each day. We currently have over 50 positions on www.whitenow.com.au. Here are just some to inspire you to look further...

General Manager - Wyong RSL Sub Branch Club
- View this ad here
Assistant Manager - West Belconnen Leagues Club - View this ad here
Duty Manager - Club Merrylands - View this ad here
Club Supervisor - Kemps Creek Sporting & Bowling Club - View this ad here
Catering Contract - City of Blacktown RSL - View this ad here
Contract Caterers - Goulburn Golf Club - View this ad here
Safe Operator - Canada Bay Club - View this ad here

For a full listing of over 50 JOBS - CLICK HERE


NEWS FLASH: Social Media Now

Did you know that White Now has a Sister-Company called

Social Media Now

Social Media Now logo

No... ?

Well now you do and by the end of this Newsletter you'll know a whole lot more about Social Media Now and you'll even find out a little bit about our Parent-Company, "The Now Bunch".

As many of you will be aware, White Now has been the Industry's leading website for a number of years and has specialised in a range of services relating to HR, Recruitment, IT, Web-services, Networking and Chat Forums. It was only logical then, that we took this knowledge to the (then) emerging frontier of Social Media (SM). This all happened about two years ago when the team became involved in using SM with the express goal of establishing how businesses could benefit from the medium. It was then just a case of combining this knowledge with our established areas of expertise and "TADAH"............ Social Media Now was born! Check us out at www.socialmedianow.com.au

However, never satisfied with doing things by halves, we decided that we wanted to create an 'umbrella company' for our current business (White Now) and our new business (SMNow) to sit under and so we registered The Now Bunch of Companies (TNB). At this stage, TNB simply brings our businesses together under a common branding theme of the very well known exclamation mark "!". But who knows what the future may hold for TNB ? One thing is for sure - it's going to be exciting !

The Now Bunch logo

Back to SMNow: Social Media Now is rapidly establishing itself as a key provider of services within SM circles and is advising/working with a range of industries including: Hospitality (Clubs, Pubs, Events and Hotels); Photographers; Dance Studios; Automobile Associations; Accountants and many more. With a wide range of services to assist businesses and organisations with everything from:

• Strategy
• To Start-up
• To Design & Development
• To Complete Management of all SM Channels
• And not forgetting Policy & Legislation (see article below)

Social Media Now has the world of SM under control and can translate it in to simple terms so that you too can have it, use it and "Get It" ! And what's more, get results that will improve and grow your business. All these services can be found on www.socialmedianow.com.au

SMN Packages  SMN Law  SMN Design  SMN Videos
SMN Software  SMN Apps  SMN Tech  SMN Learning
SMN Facebook  SMN Twitter  SMN LinkedIn  SMN FourSquare

To find out more about Social Media Now, call Toby or Tania on 02 9705 2300 or email: info@socialmedianow.com.au

Social Media Now logo www.socialmedianow.com.au


(BELATED) WELCOME: Sarah "Office Management Goddess" Watts

As anyone that has called the offices of White Now recently would know, instead of being greeted on the other end of the phone by "Old Kranky-Pants Kennett", you now get the bubbly, bright and bodacious voice of White Now's new Office Management Goddess (OMG), Sarah Watts !

Sarah comes with strong recruitment experience gained in agency and in-house positions, not to mention the Club Industry ! In fact many of you may remember dealing with the always laughing, always smiling Sarah back when she worked with Jenny, assisting her with recruitment jobs and generally keeping Jenny on task (no mean feat, we might add) !!! Sarah also brings strong client liaison and account management experience, not to mention good broad HR knowledge and a naturally friendly disposition.

Many of you have already dealt with Sarah and have commented on what an asset she is to the team (please do not tell her this as she might actually want to be paid from now on). For those of you that haven't, please feel free to give Sarah a call if you have ANY questions about positions on the website, up-coming roles for advertising, or would just like to chat about your career and where you are heading !

You can find Sarah on 02 9807 1806 or email her at: sarah@whitenow.com.au



Tania "Social Media Now" Paccanaro

We are very pleased to have a new addition to The Now Bunch team, Tania Paccanaro, who has joined Social Media Now in the role of Brand & Imagination Manager.

Tania is the guru of all things brand and marketing related. Having spent the past 12 years or so (but who's counting!) working with global and local brands to develop strategic marketing and PR campaigns that hit the mark, she is ideally positioned to provide advice, set strategy and build campaigns that will set your Social Media Channels 'on fire' !

Tania has had exposure across a range of industries with experience in brand marketing; community relations and sponsorship; media and publicity; product launches; training and education; issues and crisis management; multimedia production and digital communications. She is one very bright lady with a wealth of experience and a lovely nature and we have complete confidence that you will just LOVE dealing with her as she'll make you smile as she WOWS you with what she knows.

If you are looking for someone that is passionate about what she does, goes out of her way for the clients she works with and just loves the brands she supports, then Tania is your person !!! If you would like to drop her a line to say, "Hi" or to ask her a question, you can find her at: tania@socialmedianow.com.au



Social Media Now Solicitors

Social Media Now has teamed up with an Employment & Commercial Law Firm that has carved a niche in the provision of Social Media Legal Advice and Crisis Management.

Why Use a Specialist Social Media Lawyer ?

Social Media by its very nature goes against what many lawyers recommend, which is along the lines of:

"Don't write it down and if you do, make sure it can be defended in a court of law"!

Social Media is a complex area of expertise, encompassing several key areas of law, and is best managed by a law firm that fully understands all the commercial implications. Our solicitors have expertise in workplace law and are active users of social media, so are well placed to advise companies on the many aspects of social media.

Specialist Services Offered:

  1. Social Media Policy - Providing Companies with an essential, customised, risk management tool.
    Through consultation with our clients we can develop a social media policy tailored specifically to their business and addressing specific requirements and potential areas of risk.

  2. Training - All employees need to be trained on a company's Social Media policy to ensure they understand how to engage safely and within the company's guidelines and strategy. Failure to train employees leaves companies exposed to multiple risks - most notably bad publicity and employment disputes.
  3. Crisis Management - What do you do if something goes wrong? Currently most companies will have a Public Relations strategy in place, but what about the legal implications?

    Our solicitors can provide 24x7 access to legal assistance if your company encounters a Social Media crisis.

  4. Ongoing Strategic Advice - The constant about Social Media is its constant change, development and application. Many companies employ a Social Media strategist to assist them to meet the demands of this ever changing environment.

Our solicitors offer advice on the legal implications of your Social Media strategy decisions. If you are trying to decide on which strategy to implement they can assist you by offering you legal advice specific to that decision.

To find out more about our fantastic new partnership between Social Media Now and our Specialist Social Media Lawyers, please contact Toby at Social Media Now on 02 9705 2300 or 0411 777 329 or via email: toby@socialmedianow.com.au


Social Media Now Sponsors Leagues Clubs Australia

We are extremely excited to announce that Social Media Now is a Gold Sponsor of Leagues Clubs Australia.

The LCA as one of the Industry's leading Associations has been quick to recognise the benefits of adopting a Social Media presence and has embraced an online Social Media strategy that includes a fantastic Facebook page:


Along with Twitter #tagging at its conferences.

You can keep up with the LCA via their FB page link above or on their website:


Leagues Clubs Australia


Have YOU Downloaded our FREE iPhone and iPad APP?

30 Ways

The Social Media Now team has the expertise to design, develop and deliver your very own APP for your business.

Call us on 02 9705 2300 or email us at: info@socialmedianow.com.au to discuss how you can get your very own App!

30 Ways


Social Media Tip of the Week

Have you signed up to our Tip of the Week? Each week we provide you with a useful tip to help you understand Social Media and navigate through some of the pitfalls and stumbling blocks that occur regularly on Social Media Channels.

If you haven't already done so, sign up by clicking on the link below to get a fantastic new tip delivered to your inbox each week !

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Something From Our Blog: The Future of Work - "Workstyle"

Recently I have noticed a few articles discussing the predicted trends for the workplace and how we will work in the future and was interested to note that some of these trends already apply here at White Now !

Forecasters predict that women will account for 46 % of the workforce by 2020, more Australians will work part time, the median age will be 38 and more of our colleagues will be over 65, thanks to a growth in 'grey power'. Women will hold more management roles and our leadership style is expected to become more collaborative, motivational and engaged.

There is also a trend towards what is being termed as 'workstyle' (rather than lifestyle) where you fit work AROUND your personal life and family commitments. Makes sense as more and more, both partners are in the workforce and the responsibility for care of children is being shared more equally. And who says you have to get your work done between 9am and 5pm - what about the rest of the hours in the day and night ??

'Workstyle' allows the worker to attend school events, go to the gym or attend appointments in traditional work hours, do an intersst course and work when and where it best suits them - perhaps from home after the kids are in bed, in the early hours of the morning or on the weekend. It means that the worker is always 'on' but with the ability to work around other commitments whether that be family or other interests and use ALL the time available to them.

With access to the internet and mobile communications tools, we can now work from almost anywhere and at anytime so work and life can intersect and 'seep' into each other.

This was one of the things that attracted me to working with White Now, having the flexibility and tools to manage my work and life and make the most of both. I was interested and pleased to realise, when reading these articles recently, just how forward thinking this company is !

While not every job can operate this way, (hard to deliver great face to face customer service from home or when your venue is closed !) there still may be opportunities for greater flexibility and incorporating some aspects to give ourselves or staff more of a 'workstyle' lifestyle. Start the conversation with your Manager or staff and find out what could be a 'workstyle' for both !

Being happy at work, having an enviable workstyle, may just be how we will measure our career 'success' in the future !

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