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July 2011 Edition

Over 30 options that you could look at to change your life !

With www.whitenow.com.au being the Industry's #1 WEBSITE, we have the pick of the crop of Jobs available. Get inspired to look at your career and ensure that you truly DO want to get up and go to work each day. We currently have over 30 positions on www.whitenow.com.au. Here are just some to inspire you to look further...

Secretary Manager - Wagga Wagga Country Club - View this ad here
Financial Controller - Inner West Club - View this ad here
Secretary Manager - Club Redfern - View this ad here
Purchasing Manager - Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club - View this ad here
HR Manager - Club Toukley - View this ad here
Security Services Tender - Vikings Group - View this ad here
Administration Assistant - diggers @ the entrance - View this ad here

You might like to watch the Positions Vacant Page closely in the coming week or so for a VERY exciting CEO role in a LARGE and HIGHLY successful Club

For a full listing of over 30 JOBS - CLICK HERE


"When Aliens Attack - a Lesson Learnt"

As many of you are well aware, on the Saturday of the June long weekend, all of our systems went down - websites, Facebook pages and email ... the WHOLE LOT!!! It was like our online presence had been attacked by aliens and in many respects, this is exactly what happened. You see the data center our servers reside in was hacked in a premeditated and malicious attack, aimed at crashing everything inside. What resulted was tens of thousands of sites being shut down and amongst this group FOUR THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED Aussie sites were permanently obliterated, all because some pea-brained aliens decided to cause a world-of-pain, just because they could! The enormity of the problem was not just worrying, but down-right terrifying and there are some businesses that will never recover from the crash - quite literally, their work has been lost forever.

For us, we obviously run a business that is completely based online! So when everything went offline, we were totally cut off from all of our customers, candidates and suppliers - far from an ideal situation when your income is reliant on an online presence. The lengths that our team went to, to get things back up and running was awe-inspiring! In particular our IT Guru, Andrew and his opposite number at our Hosting Company, Brandon spent hour, upon hour reconstructing, rebuilding and securing our sites and servers, so that we could continue to trade. It was an absolute pleasure to witness and our sincere thanks go out to those two gentlemen in particular.

But, this article is not about the AMAZING job that Andrew and Brandon, along with Sue, Sarah and a number of others did! It is about the lessons we learnt from the six day blackout that we had:

  1. Short of hosting our site on our own servers (which is potentially equally as risky, if not more so) - there is very little we could have done differently! Frustrating, but true!
  2. There is always a danger when you have all of your eggs in the one basket, the challenge is weighing up that risk and considering the alternatives
  3. No matter where your information is stored, make sure you keep your own backups and have backups of your backups! And do this regularly!!!
  4. Having an amazing team on board gets problems fixed a whole lot quicker and more effectively and it also means that finding a solution can be fun, whilst also providing an opportunity for you to look really hard at the way you currently conduct your business
  5. Looking for solutions improves your business - don't leave it until there is a crisis!
  6. And finally ... always striving to do the right thing by your customers has its returns when the chips are down! Due to our AMAZING CUSTOMERS knowing our business, what it stands for and the levels of service we normally provide; they were very quick to lend their support, understanding and well wishes, which in turn motivated us all the more to find solutions!

So, once again - to everyone that offered their support and showed their patience, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we recognise how fortunate we are to have such a great client base that really knows who we are and what we stand for!

And just for the record: please rest assured that we have put in a request with the aliens that should they choose to revisit, that they take Jenny and Toby back to their planet and never, ever return them to earth!!!


"Inspirational Leaders Going That Extra Mile"

Team ClubsNSW, competing in the Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge:
DOOLEYS - Colin Eisenhuth, Building Services Manager
DOOLEYS - Peter Denmead, Security and Compliance Coordinator
Revesby Workers Club - Scott Bennetts, C.O.O.
DOOLEYS - Marcelo Veloz, General Manager

Oxfam Trailwalker is one of the world's leading team endurance challenges, with 15 events in 12 countries. A team of 4 are challenged to walk 100km in 48 hours with all donations supporting this worthy cause.

Team ClubsNSW, consisting of the people above, aims to raise well over $30,000 for this worthy event and through Revesby Workers Club donating $5,000 and DOOLEYS Lidcombe Catholic Club also donating $5,000 the target is well on the way to be conquered. The journey will be completed during 26-28 August 2011, with the four walking the distance through bushland from Brooklyn to Mosman, known as one of the most challenging walks.

The team is asking all those associated with the Industry, whether it be other Registered Clubs, Suppliers to the Industry or individuals to support Team ClubsNSW to be the number 1 fundraiser (currently sitting in number 2 position overall behind a team representing the Macquarie Group), to showcase the commitment of our industry.

To support Team ClubsNSW, please click on the link below to the team's Trailwalker home page:

To read a newspaper article about the team, click here


Social Media Now & ClubsNSW
Social Media Now logo

Our Industry Sponsorship

Social Media Now (SMN) is proud to be an industry sponsor of ClubsNSW, the peak industry association that represents all New South Wales registered clubs. SMN works closely with ClubsNSW to share expertise and knowledge about emerging trends and technologies like the exciting world of social media! We've provided updates and editorials in Club Life magazine and are involved in a range of other activities to help keep ClubsNSW members informed across the industry.

Second Chance...
In case you missed it, here's your second chance ... SMN had an article in the February addition of 'Club Life' magazine. Click Here to read the "Embracing Social Media Now" article in full.


Testimonial From One of Our Happy Clients

We love the opportunity to work with our clients and help them create a consistent brand image for their online presence, including designing; developing and strategising Facebook Pages.

Our clients like to work with us as well - here's a testimonial from one of our very happy clients: Paul O'Connor, CEO of St George Masos:

"The St George Masonic Club recently engaged the services of Social Media Now (SMN) to put in place a Social Media Strategy and New Facebook page.

Maso's had jumped in early and incorrectly set up its Facebook as a 'group'. With the assistance of the experienced SMN Team, Maso's now has a new Facebook page which is way beyond our expectations and a page we are very proud of and that fully complies with all Club and Facebook policies. SMN have also assisted Maso's in the ever changing world of Social Media and have made Maso's aware of the myriad of the ever changing obscure rules Facebook has and is developing.

I would have no hesitation in recommending SMN to any Business that wants to get properly involved in Social Media."

Thanks Paul. We thoroughly enjoyed working with you and your team and just LOVE the way your new FB Page turned out. For those of you that would like to follow The Masos on FB or would just like to have a look at their page, go to: www.facebook.com/themasos.


RSL & Services Club - Melbourne Conference HOTCLUB Cup Barista Challenge - Hennessy Coffee

Registrations are open for the RSL & Services Clubs Association's 10th Annual Conference to be staged at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne from 4th - 7th September 2011.

As the industry faces a virtual fight for its future with the Federal Government over proposals for mandatory pre-commitment the Association has assembled a range of speakers under the conference theme of 'In pursuit of the competitive edge!'.

Leading the conference sessions will be the ever popular Channel 7 newsreader, Chris Bath and the major sponsor is again IGT.

An impressive array of speakers has been assembled to provide their tips to ensure RSL and services clubs stay ahead of the competition in the highly competitive club marketplace, including the newly appointed Minister for Hospitality, Tourism, Major Events and the Arts, George Souris, Australia's most respected strategists and futurists on business, social and economic issues and gambling counselling expert, Professor of Psychology at the University of Sydney, professor Alex Blaszczynski amongst others.

A remembrance service will be held at Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance and be followed by the Association's 10th anniversary conference dinner and presentation of the 5th Spirit of Anzac Awards in one of Melbourne's most spectacular venues.

The Conference is open to member and non-member clubs and corporate partners and is designed not only for club managers and directors, but all senior club staff.

RSL & Services Association look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Click here for a conference brochure.

Click here for a registration form.


Following the success in 2010 of the inaugural HotClub Cup Barista Challenge, HotClub Cup 2011 promises to be even bigger and better than last year.

As the only specialty coffee competition in Australia aimed at the Hotels, Clubs and Pubs sector, the HotClub Cup provides Baristas from this niche market with the opportunity to showcase their skills, lift their standards and be in the running for some great prizes. Devised by Hennessy Coffee and run in conjunction with the HTN Apprentice Chef Culinary Competition, last year's HotClub Cup attracted Baristas from Hotels, Clubs and Pubs mainly from the Sydney metropolitan area.

The competition format includes the preparation of six coffees, including the barista's own designer 'specialty coffee' - which can include alcohol, and should be innovative, creative and tasty! Competitors are marked on all aspects of their performance, including presentation, technique, cleanliness, 'service' engagement, creativity, and fluid-ness of operation.

For more information please contact Kim Sutcliffe on: 0417 479 512 or 1300 78 222 9.
Or email: hotclubcup@yahoo.com or you can find us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/Hotclubcup

6 July Blacktown Workers, Blacktown, NSW
7 July Hennessy Coffee, Chipping Norton, NSW
10 Aug Bega TAFE, Bega NSW

Location and Date - To Be Announced

To see video footage of the 2010 event, click on the YouTube Link below:



White Now Pricing

New pricing has taken effect as of 1 July 2011. If you would like to view Our Rates, please click on the following links:

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And as always, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9807 1806 or via email: info@whitenow.com.au


Something From Our Blog: The Future of Work - "Workstyle"

I recently purchased the NEW Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste that has been advertised widely. Having sensitive teeth, the ad totally hooked me and the next time I was looking for toothpaste I decided to give it a go! When I first went to use the product I was unable to open the 'tamper-proof' cap, so went to my husband for help. In the end, we had to take to it with a knife and cut the secure cap off! Rather extreme for toothpaste!

I thought that this was so dangerous and ridiculous that I decided to contact Colgate and let them know. If we had this much trouble, how would someone like my 84 year old mother in law, with arthritic hands and living on her own, ever get the cap off?! I went onto their website and found the 'contact us' section and sent them a polite email describing the problems I experienced. I quickly received back an equally polite email that essentially 'fobbed' me off. Oh well, I thought, I won't be buying that product again, regardless how good the toothpaste maybe, it's just too hard to get to.

I forgot all about it and returned to another brand of toothpaste with any easy-access cap. This week I received a parcel in the post from Colgate. Seems I must not have been the only one to comment on the cap and they have redesigned it and sent me a tube to trial plus a questionnaire to answer.

Well today I tried the new cap which is still 'tamper-proof' but I am pleased to say VERY easy to open and access the toothpaste inside!

All of this really impressed on me how important it is to listen AND respond to customers. I felt great that my comments had been heard and acted on and my further opinion was then sought. I am sure I was one of many people who made comments about the cap, but if no one had said anything and had just never bought the product again, Colgate would have been left wondering what the problem was - the toothpaste? the taste? packaging - WHAT?! By receiving and acting on the feedback they have been able to make a small change and thererfore, hopefully retain customers and gain new customers, when they spread the word.

So, the moral of the story is to firstly let companies/organisations know if you find a problem with their product or service so they can take action - its then up to them. Secondly, if you are that company/organisation receiving that comment, WELCOME it with open arms and see at as the opportunity that it is to make your service or product even better! I will now continue to buy Sensitive Pro-Relief Colgate!



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