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May 2012 Edition

Over 35 roles that you could look at to change your life !

www.whitenow.com.au is THE #1 Industry Website and the only place to gather information and to get inspired by all of the opportunities on offer! We currently have over 35 positions on www.whitenow.com.au. Here are just some to inspire you to look further...

Gaming Supervisor, Easts Leagues Club - View this ad here
Duty Manager, Cabramatta Leagues Club - View this ad here
Operations & Events Manager, Guildford Bowling & Recreation Club - View this ad here
Chief Financial Officer, Canberra Labor Club - View this ad here
Sales & Events Manager, Toronto Workers Club - View this ad here
Software Support/Help Desk, Jensen Data Systems - View this ad here
Chef, Club Five Dock - View this ad here
Assistant Manager, Wilcannia Golf Club - View this ad here
Human Resources Manager, Pittwater RSL Club - View this ad here

For a full listing of over 35 JOBS - CLICK HERE


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With the introduction of "Timelines" to Facebook Business Pages, Wiz took the opportunity to create a completely new-look on his Whitenow Wiz Page and whilst he was at it, he chronicled the history of White Now and Wiz's fantastic journey to date!

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What Does Your Digital Footprint Say About You ?

Your "Digital Footprint" is your online reputation as told via any embarrassing Facebook photos or those 'not-so-polite' comments that you may have once made. So now would be a good time to go back and ask yourself...

"Is this something that I want a potential employer to see?"

Make managing your digital footprint a priority whether you are currently job-hunting or not! Here are some simple tips that might assist you with managing yours:

Google yourself*: (Remember images, videos, Facebook & Twitter). Is your current digital reputation an asset or a liability? Once you know what's out there you have a starting point.

Divide Work & Play: Quarantine your personal Facebook profile from the page you use for work and keep your LinkedIn strictly for professional use.

Remove Tags from Photos: Especially those on Facebook. Some of your friends may not have the greatest privacy settings, so to combat this, change your Facebook settings to provide you with an alert so you can approve the photos you are in.

Be Active: Have an active online presence as a defence against embarrassing material.

Be Aware: Always consider what you type, tweet, post and update. Social media has blurred the lines of our private and professional lives, resulting in the collision of our 'after hours' behaviour and workplace persona.

* Try using diffferent search engines. Google has been blocked from searching Facebook, but Microsoft's Bing is allowed full access !


Here's How YOU Can Be More Productive at Work...

With an estimated 2.1 hours per worker lost each day due to unimportant interruptions, these time-wasting solutions could be just the answer to make you more productive !

Email: We tend to check our Inboxes 10 times more than we think we do ! Try turning off the sound and sight alerts for new emails, calendar reminders, Facebook and Twitter. Set up rules so you know if an important email has arrived and set times of the day when you check the rest of your emails.

People: It's important to communicate with your team and to be accessible to them, but not when it means you are being interrupted regularly for a chat that stops you from achieving other things ! Open plan offices can be a big problem, especially if your desk faces the 'oncoming traffic'. If you can try to relocate away from high-traffic areas like the kitchen or the photocopier or turn your desk to face away from the high-traffic areas. Try standing up if someone is out-staying their welcome and remove any spare chairs to discourage people from sitting down.

Meetings: Research indicates that 65% of meetings occur without participants receiving an agenda in advance, so no one is prepared and results can be hard to achieve. Before organizing a meeting ask, 'What am I trying to achieve and do I need a meeting to do it?' If the answer is yes, write an agenda, phrasing the points to be covered as questions, to encourage attendees to come prepared. Ensure you have the right resources available to meet all needs and post meeting, assess how successful it was.


Is Social Media Keeping You Up at Night ?

Not because you are madly updating your Facebook status or posting your latest Tweet, but because of the implications of the impact it can have on your business and staff !

Social Media Now has access to an Employment & Commercial Law Firm that has carved a niche in the provision of Social Media Legal Advice and Crisis Management.

Social Media is a complex area of expertise, encompassing several key areas of law, and is best managed by a law firm that fully understands all the commercial implications. Our solicitors have expertise in workplace law and are active users of social media, so are well placed to advise companies on the many aspects of social media.

Specialist Services Offered:

  1. Social Media Policy - Providing Companies with an essential, customised, risk management tool.

    Through consultation with our clients we can develop a social media policy tailored specifically to their business and addressing specific requirements and potential areas of risk.

  2. Training - All employees need to be trained on a company's Social Media policy to ensure they understand how to engage safely and within the company's guidelines and strategy. Failure to train employees leaves companies exposed to multiple risks - most notably bad publicity and employment disputes.

  3. Crisis Management - What do you do if something goes wrong? Currently most companies will have a Public Relations strategy in place, but what about the legal implications?

    Our solicitors can provide 24x7 access to legal assistance if your company encounters a Social Media crisis.

  4. Ongoing Strategic Advice - The constant about Social Media is its constant change, development and application. Many companies employ a Social Media strategist to assist them to meet the demands of this ever changing environment.

Our solicitors offer advice on the legal implications of your Social Media strategy decisions. If you are trying to decide on which strategy to implement they can assist you by offering you legal advice specific to that decision.

To find out more please contact Social Media Now on 02 9705 2300 or via email: info@socialmedianow.com.au


Save The Date...

RSL & Services Clubs 11th Annual Conference - Park Hyatt Canberra, 2-5 September 2012

Registrations opening soon, watch the Associations Page on White Now for the latest updates - Click Here to go to the Associations Page now.


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