August 2013 Edition

How 2 Clubs and White Now Saved 3 Lives !

You will be very proud of your industry colleagues at Club Rivers and Wests Leagues Campbelltown. These two clubs joined with White Now to raise enough money to fund THREE (3) subsidised life saving devices to save THREE (3) lives of THREE (3) kids suffering with Type 1 Diabetes. We were honoured to raise funds to support the purchase of the 'Hypomon' life saving device. This device is worn around the waist of a kid with Type 1 Diabetes at night. It alarms when the kid is having a hypo, and thus prevents an awful syndrome known as 'Dead in Bed Syndrome'.

Join us in thanking the teams at Wests Leagues Club Campbelltown, White Now and Club Rivers. Read about the Danii Meads-Barlow Foundation here: danii.org.au


SECRET: The SINGLE most important content area to include in your Resume is ...

The SINGLE most important content area to include in your resume is


DON'T spend lots of time talking about the 'Duties' that you perform from day to day. Focus on the ACHIEVEMENTS that you have had in each role. When a CEO, HR Manager or Board member receives your resume they are thinking... 'if we employed this person, what can they do for us? How will they make our business better'. So, if you TELL them in your resume how you have made another business better and it resonates with their business, then they WILL want to interview you.

They are looking to see if you can ACHIEVE the same things you have talked about and MORE in their business. Simple really !!!!!

So, what does an ACHIEVEMENT look like on a resume ? The best achievements will show measurable transformations that you have been a part of. This could be people centric or business centric. Have a look at the job ad first and see what THEY are looking for you to achieve then think about whether you have achieved that and make sure that it is in your resume, along with every other achievement that is relevant. Ask yourself some of these questions;

  1. How have I assisted in reducing costs for the business ? (How have I assisted in saving the business money ?)
  2. What effect have I had on the staff in the business ?
  3. How do I stand out in the business ?
  4. What would the business miss about me if I were to leave ?
  5. Did I introduce anything into the business that improved staff morale, customer service, efficiencies etc ?
  6. Did I oversee any major expenditure such as a refurbishment, new technology etc that was successful ?
  7. What did I introduce that was unique and exciting ?
  8. Did I assist in increasing membership, visitation or customer satisfaction ?
  9. Did I assist in developing any processes, procedures or policies and how did they impact on the business ?
  10. Did I assist in the business being rewarded with Awards or Recognition ?
  11. Did I exceed any targets set for me (and the business) ?
  12. Did I successfully manage any special projects ?

When you are listing your Achievements on your resume (below each Position you have had), make sure you list them in 'dot points'. Make sure that you succinctly address what you did AND how it impacted positively on the business. Where possible, quantify and qualify the achievement with measurable outcomes such as increases/decreases in percentages, numbers, $$$, time frames etc.

Example of achievements may be;

  • Managed the increase in total assets from $1.2million in 2004 to $6.8miillion in 2013
  • Increased EBIT (DA) from 16% in 2004 to 29% in 2013
  • Increased membership from 5,000 in 2004 to 22,000 in 2013
  • Successfully negotiated new Contract Security resulting in a saving of $220,000 per annum, a measurable increase in customer satisfaction and a 22% decrease in security incidents.

Remember, a resume is a tool to get you to interview, NOT to get you the job. Do EVERYTHING that it takes to make this document a true 'personal sales tool' for you to 'score an interview'. If you get to interview, then it is up to you to sell YOU to the business.

If you have any queries or need clarification on 'Resume Achievements', please contact any of our team members at White Now on 02 9807 1806 or chat to us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/whitenowwiz)


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More nice comments for the team at White Now !

From Nick Moraitis The President of Yarrawonga & Border Golf after the recruitment process of their new CEO.

"Our retiring CEO recommended that we use the services of Jenny White at WhiteNow. I am pleased we took his advice. Our first conversation with Jenny left us in no doubt that she would conduct the recruitment process in a very professional and confidential manner. Jenny and the team at WhiteNow didn't disappoint. Jenny personally guided our selection committee through the extensive selection process and left nothing to chance. The initial number of well suited candidates was exceptional and the final selection of our CEO was extremely competitive, once again, a testament to Jenny's efforts and professionalism. I can confidently state that White Now was directly responsible in allowing us to choose from a higher quality candidate group and for making the selection process considerably easier."

From the President of a Leagues Club ONE YEAR after the appointment of their new CEO.

"Following your support to appoint our new CEO, I just thought I would drop you a line and give you some feedback. Our new CEO has made an extremely positive impact on our clubs performance and we are currently seeing very strong financial growth and trends that see us going from strength to strength at the moment. He has built an extremely good foundation for us to move forward in terms of developing a strategic plan and going to the next stage of creating improvements in the clubs HR fabric etc. It is very clear that with your help we have made the right choice in appointing him and he has certainly well and truly delivered on our initial expectations at this stage and instilled a lot of confidence going forward. Thank you."

From Dr George Peponis OAM, Chairman of Canterbury League Club & Chairman of NSWRL

"I was recommended the services of WhiteNow in recruiting a new CEO for Canterbury League Club. I am glad I sought advice because Jenny has proved to be the ultimate professional. She has ensured the process has been beyond reproach and has maintained the required confidentiality of all the applicants. Her availability to discuss issues and conduct interviews at all hours, seven days a week has been crucial in attracting the calibre of applicants we received for the position of CEO locally, interstate and overseas. The process was extensive, independent and saw Canterbury attract and employ the most professionally qualified and accredited candidate. I would like to thank Jenny for making my role and that of the Boards in appointing our new CEO that much easier."


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