October 2013 Edition

Clubs opened their hearts as we knew they would

What a time NSW has had over the past weeks with the devastating Fires. White Now wants to say 'Thank You' to all of those colleagues who assisted with volunteering in so many different ways. We even have managers and industry consultants who are volunteer fire fighters. We sincerely honour you. Thanks also to the following clubs who have been directly involved operating as evacuation centres, drop off points, meeting places etc. We are sure there are other clubs to add to the list, so apologies for any omissions. Thanks to the following:

  • The Richmond Club
  • Lithgow Workmen's Club
  • Emu Sports Club
  • Penrith RSL Club
  • Penrith Panthers
  • Springwood Sports Club
  • Springwood Country Club
  • Swansea Workers Club
  • Swansea RSL Club
  • Doyalson-Wyee RSL Club
  • Picton Bowling Club
  • Wests Mayfield: and
  • Mittagong RSL Club


Industry jobs appear when you least expect it

White Now are asked these questions every week:

  1. How many management positions do you have listed at any one time ? AND
  2. Do you know of any jobs coming up soon that will suit me ?

These are tough questions to respond to as there are simply no definite trends. The Industry Job Board on www.whitenow.com.au is very unpredictable but always active. We cannot predict when there will be an abundance of jobs nor when there are quiet periods. White Now has been operating for over a decade and in this time, we have seen NO firm pattern as to when Managers move, and when Job opportunities arise. The only thing we can predict is at the 'line staff' level. From about October through to the end of December there are always plenty of bar, wait and events staff positions available. Our Job Board usually advertises between 40 and 70 positions at any one time. We recommend that you look at our Job Board at least daily as positions pop up daily.


Don't leave the interviewer hanging !

Ever wondered what questions to ask the interviewer at the end of your interview ? NEVER, never say, "I don't really have any questions as you have answered all the ones I had". This drives the interviewer crazy as you are showing little interest in the business you are applying for !

Try these questions for size !

  1. What are the most important qualities that you are looking for in the successful candidate ?
  2. Do you feel that the company offers opportunities for its people to grow personally as well as in their career ?
  3. Can you expand on the leadership style of the person that I will be reporting to ?
  4. Is there a communication style that this leader prefers their staff to adopt ?
  5. Is there anything that you believe I am missing at the moment that would prevent me from being the ideal applicant ?
  6. Would you like me to follow up with you in a few days via phone or email ?

These questions allow you to expand on areas that you may have missed in an interview whilst giving you further opportunities to 'sell yourself'. Always, always, always have questions for the interviewer !

Quote: "Winning is the science of being totally prepared" (George Allen Sr)


What the heck is Mahjong anyway ?

If your head's been in the sand for the past few years, then you have probably missed out on this latest success story - the game of Mahjong. Mahjong is a game of skill usually played in groups of 4 with a set of 144 tiles based on chinese characters and symbols. This game has taken Australia by storm. Clubs all around the country are adopting this as another great service for their customers and to attract new customers. Have you tried it yet ?

Many of the Mahjong tournaments around Sydney and Brisbane are operated by AML (Australia Mahjong League). AML have watched their venues grow in revenue, patronage and of course loyalty to the club's brand. They have hosted over 5000 tournaments over recent years and given away over $2.5million in prizes. AML have been a success story themselves, establishing Australia's largest Mahjong community. They operate not only the in-house tournaments but also maintain the League's website which is offered in two languages (www.australianmahjongleague.com.au).

AML make life easy for Club Managers. They come into your venue and do all the work for you. You provide the room, and they provide tables, mahjong sets, computers, bilingual staff and of course they run the tournament. They even promote your venue's tournaments to the players for you ! With the number of venues that AML operate, it sounds like they have this League under control and will make it a breeze for you to host. If you are interested in increasing revenue and patronage to your venue, contact Freddy Fajardo at AML on 0417 275 638 or freddy@australianmahjongleague.com.au.



Latest Jobs

Have you seen these latest jobs on www.whitenow.com.au ?

  • General Manager - UTS Haberfield Club
  • General Manager - Tura Beach Country Club
  • Supervisor - Mosman Rowers
  • Functions Business Manager - Club Central (Mat Leave role)
  • Help Desk Support - InfoGenesis
  • Operations Manager - Ramsgate RSL Club

There are these AND dozens of others. Head to www.whitenow.com.au NOW to check them out !


Facebookers are ahead of the pack !

We have more than 2,000 fabulous Facebookers Following our mate Wiz WhiteNow ... They get all the news before non Facebookers do! If you want notifications of when a new job is advertised, then 'Like' www.facebook.com/whitenowwiz and be ahead of the bunch !


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