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End of September 2009 Edition

Here's how White Now can help you make a life changing decision !

At www.whitenow.com.au being the Industry's NUMBER ONE WEBSITE, we have the pick of the crop of Jobs available. Get inspired to look at your career and ensure that you truly DO want to get up and go to work each day. We currently have around 60 positions on www.whitenow.com.au. Here are just some to inspire you to look further...

CEO Albury SS&A Group — 3 clubs ! View this ad here
EGG (Extraordinary Growth Guru) Out of the box role. A must to read. View this ad here
Operations Manager Mounties (Harbord Site) ! View this ad here
General Manager RSL Club in the NSW Blue Mountains ! View this ad here
Marketing & Events Coordinator Kahibah ! View this ad here
Marketing Coordinator Mounties Group. View this ad here
Duty Managers x 9 positions All over NSW and ACT ! View these ads here
General Manager Golf Club Richmond NSW ! View this ad here
Secretary Manager Grafton, Northern NSW ! View this ad here
Secretary Manager Ryde in Sydney ! View this ad here
Operations Manager Footy Club in Wagga ! View this ad here
Customer Service Manager Large Sydney Club ! View this ad here
Supervisors x 10 positions All over NSW ! View these ads here
Contract Caterers & Chefs x 11 positions All over NSW and ACT ! View these ads here

For a full listing of around 60 jobs - CLICK HERE


What the hell is going on ? ...

Albury-Wodonga may not be something that you talk about in your everyday life but it seems to be the talk of the industry at the moment with the position of CEO at Albury SS&A being recruited for as we speak. Check out the Positions page at www.whitenow.com.au to read the ad and submit an application ! It's a big role with a big organization.

Did you know that Darryl Bozicevic is the new GM at the Queanbeyan Tigers Footy Club ? Find this and heaps more on the Stuff page at www.whitenow.com.au

There's been a shuffle in the RSL & Services Clubs Association Board with Bryn Miller as the new Chairman and Chris Allen as the new Vice Chairman. There are also two new Board Members in Kimberley Talbot and John Millar. Go to the Stuff page at www.whitenow.com.au to find out more.

Leagues Clubs Australia have welcomed their new EA, Krystal Lees on board. A great addition to a great organization.

There are lots of other great 'Go Getters' who have moved into new roles ... find out all about these by going to the Movers & Newsers section on the Stuff page at


A clever way to attract the RIGHT people into your business ! Ongoing learning DOES lead to ongoing earning ! 2 great ways to keep on learning !

Gone are the days where writing a job ad simply means listing dot points about what the company is looking for in a person. With the use of internet Job Sites like www.whitenow.com.au you now have almost unlimited space, so why not use it ? Writing a GREAT AD can save you time in the long run by ensuring that you are enticing the right people and those who actually want the role.

When writing a job ad, you can still talk about what the company is looking for in a person, but more importantly talk about what's in it for them. How good is your company ?; what privileges and benefits do you offer employees ?; are you a flexible organization ?; what are your facilities like ?; is there public transport nearby ?; is there a social club ?; are the hours great ?; is there training to assist them in their career ?; ... The list goes on.

If you have pictures that you think will entice great people to apply then add them to the job ad. Do you have pics of your new refurbishment ? Are there pics of the team abseiling a mountain or at a team BBQ ? Are there any pics that could motivate the RIGHT people to apply ? USE THEM. When you place an ad with White Now you can not only add your company logo, but also up to 3 pictures. This can truly win a person over to send their application. Have a look at this recent ad on www.whitenow.com.au here to see how 1 logo and a picture can change the look of an ad. Click here to see how an ad can be written to entice great people.

Did you know that when you lodge a job ad through www.whitenow.com.au you can simply tick a box which asks White Now to write your job ad for you and it costs you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING — IT'S FREE. This is another great "value-add" service from the White Now team. Nearly all clients use the service with 100% satisfaction !

For more information on Placing a Job Ad, call White Now on 02 9807 1806 or log onto www.whitenow.com.au


Why not Attend the Leagues Clubs Australia National Conference (5-8 November 09)

Topics include; Future Funding Models for Rugby League; The Club Industry — A Smarter Way Forward; The New Liquor Regime AND MORE.

See www.lca.asn.au to register.

Why not attend the RSL & Services Club Association Conference (25-28 October)

Topics include; Leadership Revelations — An Australian Perspective; Green Branding; Creating Business Intelligence; Feng Shui — Fact or Fiction AND MORE

See www.rslservicesclubs.com.au to register.


Do you know how Facebook can be a catalyst for someone stealing everything you own ? Here's 6 reasons why White Now is happy to have a real NERD on board !

White Now are avid users of Social Media including Twitter and Facebook but are blessed that we have been trained in careful use of this media. However, many are still in the dark about this.

The White Now Wizard is on Facebook daily and sees over and over again his 'friends' talking about their upcoming holidays or trips away. They chat casually about the destination, dates of departure and return, as well as who they are going with. Does this mean that their house will be vacant on those dates ? Probably ! How many of their Facebook (FB) 'friends' are their friends in real life ? Only a percentage ! And, if the FB user has not secured their profile, anyone can see this information. An untrustworthy reader can take this information, research their home address, simply wait for the plane to leave and grab the loot. There are so many cases of this happening now, so FB users, think carefully about what you are posting on your 'Status Updates'.

There has been a funny side to this problem as well. A burglar in America was actually caught once he left the victim's house after stealing jewellerey worth thousands of dollars. Whilst he was in the victim's house, he logged onto his Facebook account, and forgot to log off. It's sort of like leaving your business card at the scene of the crime ! Whoops ! He's in jail !

Revealing all your details about your movements is as crazy as telling a taxi driver who picks you up from your home address that you are going overseas for two weeks ! Think about it !

Follow White Now Go Getters on Facebook by clicking here. We post DAILY interview tips, resume tips and general business tips. It's a must to read. Twitterers can find us here.



Andrew, our extremely nerdy 'IT Guru' has been on board with us for 8 years ... We love him and here's why;

  1. He is SO nerdy that he can actually sit at his computer for 15 hours and not even twitch AND more importantly not even complain about it.
  2. He does not drink coffee OR tea so his long hours mean that we also don't spend a fortune on tea room supplies !
  3. Although he has his international formation skydiving judges rating and is stupid enough to have jumped out a plane nearly 1500 times, he is not stupid enough to jump ship from White Now (we love you Andrew).
  4. Coming up with all the new functionalities on White Now would drive anyone to pull their hair out. Andrew has no hair !! The only thing that frustrates him is if he computer freezes. Perfect !
  5. If an emergency fix needs to be looked after out of regular hours, Andrew does not think twice about fixing it as he is 99% of the time on his computer in his spare time as well !
  6. Having a casual dress code around the office means that Andrew doesn't have to don a tie and suit which would give the team even more ammunition to play on his nerdy nature.

Andrew is one of White Now's real treasures. We would be lost without him. Why not shoot him an email to say hi as he is a true nerd who will always reply to anything electronic. Email andrew@whitenow.com.au


Get Real ! The journey from Average to Awesome ...

by Ron (Rowdy) McLean

I believe we are ALL capable of far more than we imagine !

All my life I have been obsessed with success and knowing what makes the top CEO's, business leaders and sportspeople successful.

I have had the privilege of mentoring some of this country's greatest achievers and have spent hundreds of hours researching what makes these people tick. Having applied the learning from these experiences to my own life, I can share the results with you, not to impress you, but to impress upon you that success leaves clues (I retired at 34, played professional sport at the highest level, own several multimillion dollar companies and now travel the world sharing these key success ideas with thousands of people).

The difference between Average achievement and Awesome results is that successful people "get stuff done" — they take action !

Here are eight steps, whether knowingly or not, each successful person follows on the journey from Average to Awesome.

1. Dismiss the 'Dream stealers'
Dream stealers are those people that experts on everything yet never done anything ! They will tell you 'That won't work' 'You can't do that' 'That's not a good idea'. Don't let these people stop you from being your best.

2. Know that 'luck is not a strategy'
Nothing worth having is easy. If you want real results, you need to get off your backside and have a go ! No-one is going to do it for you and most people die waiting for lady luck to arrive on their doorstep.

3. Cut through the clutter
Awesome people take responsibilityfor their lives - they control their future and their outcomes ! Remove the obstacles and barriers to growth, development and achievement. Put aside the fear, test the boundaries and push the envelope. Shrug off false labels and limiting beliefs, and stop making excuses.

4. Alignment
Understand your true strengths and learn how exploit them to your advantage. Know your weaknesses so that you are able to put in place strategies to overcome and resolve them. Build on your skills abilities so that you can pursue the things you want to achieve with confidence.

5. Ambition
Blindly stumbling in any direction is not a strategy for success. You need to plan and strategise, set a direction and have a purpose. Some stake in the ground in the future that you will pursue with all your passion.

6. Develop an 'I Can, I Am, I Will' Attitude
Great things never get done without some degree of attitude. Henry Ford said, "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't. You are right". Don't be beaten by your attitude before you begin.

7. Create awareness
Knowledge and information are the key to success. Successful people research and discover what others are doing. They look at what their competitors and colleagues are up to and gather as much information as they possibly can. They are at the cutting edge of information and understand what it takes to go where they want to go.

8. Take Action
Continuous improvement is far better than delayed perfection. Most people just don't start. So, by beginning, you are setting yourself apart from most people who make all the promises in the world but never really get the job done and then wonder why they lead an average life. Awesome people take action !

If you think it is time for you to raise the bar: in your life, and you want to take responsibility for your future, then join me for the ultimate peak performance event GET REAL 2009 on the 29th October in Sydney.

Special offer to White Now readers just $295 (normally $995) and it is guaranteed !!!!

If I do not give you all the tools to blow the socks of your future I will happily refund your money.


Six dynamic sessions that will help you raise the bar in every single area of your life, twelve areas of focus, the essential keys to keys to making the impossible possible, hundreds of great ideas that work !

Get rid of the baggage, discover your REAL capabilities, learn how to raise the bar easily, create a plan and make it happen.

NO HYPE ! NO RUBBISH ! Just good solid down to earth ideas, concepts and actions that work.

Limited spaces left so call 1800 GET REAL (or 1800 4387325) and quote the code "WIZ" to receive this special offer


How you can make a spectacular Apple dessert in less than 10 minutes

Apple Galette

Ingredients (serves 4)

  • 4 (25 x 25cm) puff pastry sheets
  • 2 large Granny Smith apples, peeled, thinly sliced
  • 2 Tablespoons of melted butter
  • 2 Tablespoons of caster sugar
  • Honey to serve


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  2. Cut four 12cm circles from the puff pastry. Place on a lightly buttered baking tray.
  3. Place the apples, overlapping, on top of the pastry. Brush with melted butter and sprinkle with sugar.
  4. Bake for 20-25 minutes until the pastry is crisp and golden. To serve, drizzle with honey.



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