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Enda March 2010 Edition

Here's how White Now can help you make a life changing decision !

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How White Now played an integral part in helping a crew of redundant club staff prepare themselves for new challenges.  How to REALLY show your staff that you VALUE them !

After 52 years in Rozelle, Balmain Tigers is now officially closed for redevelopment.  The Club has in the mean time, opened two smaller sites at Flemington Markets and Five Dock.  With this closure came the redundancy of 30 or so staff.  It is a difficult decision when a Club has to inform its often, long term and loyal staff of their future redundancy.  Some of the staff that had been made redundant had been with Tigers for over 20 years.  Sunday 28th March 2010 was a sad day - the closing of Tigers, mixed with the feeling of a positive future with a new and exciting redevelopment already started. 

White Now were honoured to be chosen to assist with the Outplacement Program for a number of redundant staff.  With this Program was the offer of interview training, resume and career direction training, skills audits and ongoing mentoring.  Our wonderful Toby delivered a fantastic session to a group of soon-to-be redundant staff on preparing a powerful resume and winning at interview.  Through this experience, the White Now team saw a bunch of dedicated, positive and enthusiastic people who looked at their redundancy as a chance to do great things, look at their lives as a whole and actually CREATE their own futures.  There were people who wanted to change direction totally, some wanted to find exactly the same role in another club, others wanted to search overseas for a role and some wanted to follow their dream of working part time.  What WAS refreshing though was that everyone was positive.  It is a credit to each and every person at Tigers for adopting the right attitude and being positive.  Thanks to you all for simply being great !

It was an absolute pleasure for White Now to be involved in the Outplacement and Redeployment of the Tigers team and we wish those CHAMPIONS all the best with the next stage of their lives.

For further information on how White Now can assist you or your venue with Outplacement and Redeployment Services, contact the team on 02 9807 1806 or info@whitenow.com.au 


There is nothing more valuable than your team.  We all know that's a fact.  The problem is that we don't always know how to SHOW our teams how much we value them.  Many venues and leaders are so used to thanking their staff at the end of each year with a cash bonus, a ham or a run-of-the-mill food basket.  The problem that can occur with those types of gifts is that maybe, just maybe these are not actually perceived as a reward.  Most of the team at White Now have worked in Clubs and Hotels in a previous life and recall some totally inappropriate gifts.  One of our team received a ham year after year for 9 years and, you guessed it, they are a vegetarian.  Another received movie tickets and absolutely HATES going to the movies.  Have you thought that some rewards and gifts may result in the opposite affect that you were looking for ?  

The question remains - how do you find out what drives your team to succeed ?  Hey, why not ask them ? Have you thought of developing a survey or a questionnaire that your team can complete that asks them what they love, what they are passionate about, what they enjoy doing, what their dreams are, how they like to be rewarded ? With information like this, you can develop rewards that they actually WILL appreciate.  Not everyone likes the same thing of course, but you could have a range of prizes to choose from for achieving goals.  As long as these prizes match what the staff like, then you're onto a winner.  Think out of the box - get rid of the hams and the food hampers (unless your teams WANT them).  Some examples may include: driving the boss's car for 48 hours - imagine if one of your line staff was able to drive the company car for a day or two !  How about letting someone do the boss's work for a day whilst the boss does their work ?  Some of these rewards may not cost a penny but will be worth a million !  Think out of the box, think differently, find out what drives your people and REWARD THEM for being great ! Click here to see how one of White Now's team was rewarded recently !

To discuss developing a staff questionnaire specific to your venue, call us White Now on 02 9807 1806 - we can help ! 


How White Now is bringing smiles to the faces of hundreds and thousands of sick kids !

By the end of April the long process of putting together the 2010 Read & Recover initiative will be completed - 1600 children's books will arrive at 100 hospitals around Australia that have kids wards.

If you are not a Facebook user and/or are not following Wiz Whitenow on Facebook, then you may not have heard of this fantastic initiative. So here's a little about what's been happening. Like many of you with kids, the White Now team have had their share of those times where our kids have been in hospital. With these many trips to hospital, our Leader of Service and Fun (Jenny) realised that many hospitals were low on resources such as books, DVD's etc - resources that really make kids smile when they're not feeling great. Not long after the last trip to hospital, an entrepenuer in Las Vegas (Brad Sugars - an Aussie ex-pat) posted on Facebook that he would make someone's dream come true for Christmas.  White Now posted our dream to get more books into kids hospitals.  To our surprise, Brad chose us to assist with our dream. From that day, Brad and White Now have worked to secure 1600 kids books and 100 hospitals Australia wide to receive these gifts.  We have had so much help from volunteers and all through our Facebook 'friends'.  We had a photographer (http://www.ofarrell.com.au/) donate his time to do a photo shoot, we have had people from all around Australia donate their services to personally deliver the books, we have a crew organised for the packing of the books, North Ryde RSL Club donated a room for the packathon, a web designer (http://www.addictivedesign.com.au) is in the process of donating her time to build the Read & Recover website, a graphic design company donated their time to do the logo (http://www.yippeeyiyo.com.au) and others offered their support in many other ways.  This is affirmation that donating these books to hospitals is close to many peoples' hearts.  It is also confirmation of the power of Facebook and how you can reach so many people in so many different ways.

On behalf of all kids that will go to these hospitals and from the team at White Now, we would like to thank ALL of the volunteers who have donated their time to this great cause.  We are looking forward to these books being delivered at the end of April and more importantly we are honoured and humbled that we were able to take on this initiative and make it happen !

Read more about the initiative on our Read & Recover Blog at http://blog.whitenow.com.au/?cat=3


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