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Enda May Edition

Over 60 options that you could look at to change your life !

At www.whitenow.com.au being the Industry's #1WEBSITE, we have the pick of the crop of Jobs available. Get inspired to look at your career and ensure that you truly DO want to get up and go to work each day. We currently have over 60 positions on www.whitenow.com.au. Here are just some to inspire you to look further...

Secretary Manager - Leeton - View this ad here
Marketing & Promotions Manager - NSW Central Coast and Western Sydney - View these ads here
Marketing Coordinator - Northern Beaches of Sydney - View this ad here
Club General Manager - NSW Central West - View this ad here
Range of Supervisor and Team Leader Postions - View these ads here
Functions Coordinator - Parramatta - View this ad here
Duty Managers x a number of positions - View these ads here
Operations Manager (Food Slant) - NSW Central Coast - View this ad here
Admin Assistant - Jervis Bay - View this ad here
Sales Exec/BDM - NSW - View this ad here
Food and Beverage Manager - Sydney's Inner West - View this ad here
Marketing Consultant (Part Time) - NSW - View this job here

Please note; If you are interested in the position of General Manager at Ryde-Parramatta Golf Club (Group 1 Club), unfortunately this position has now been shortlisted.

For a full listing of over 60 JOBS - CLICK HERE


Here's some ways to help you improve your global knowledge to help with securing that next job ! What's the Number 1 thing to look for when choosing an HR / Recruitment / Job Service ?

A famous 19th Century author once wrote "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles at it".  Let's share knowledge and assist each other to grow !

Wiz and his team at White Now believe that gathering information, acquiring knowledge and keeping up to date with the latest is KING !  It certainly makes a difference when you are trying to achieve that next role !  People improve and become wiser with knowledge.  People become better individuals with knowledge, and people can earn more money with knowledge.  Learning and understanding what is going on in an industry is paramount to continued success.

White Now are always striving for ways to 'add value' to our clients and share our knowledge.  With this in mind, we put a 'call out' to our friends and followers on our social media sites to ask if anyone had any suggestions of how we could improve our business to assist them improve themselves.  We were fortunate to have been offered some great ideas.  An idea that came one of our FB friends was to put in place an RSS Feed on the site.  We did this immediately and now the page is being followed by many.  Thanks to David D for his suggestion - an industry champion !

What is an RSS Feed ? For those who don't know, it's a way of showing you content from newspapers etc without you having to go to a bunch of different websites.  Basically it saves you time AND you gain the latest information ! Perfect.

We have included Gaming news from the Las Vegas Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Australian, The Courier Mail, The Adelaide Advertiser and The New Zealand Herald.

If you are interested in what's happening in gaming world wide and simply don't want to trawl through dozens of websites, then go to the RSS Feed page on White Now ! Lots of great info ! Read it all here.

Whilst you are swanning around www.whitenow.com.au take time to read some of our Blog posts.  We have recently blogged about our thoughts on who should be your Referees on a resume and whether you should put a Closing Date on a job ad.  Great reading for people who want to continue to learn.  Check out the Blog through our website www.whitenow.com.au



White Now are grateful for the continued amazing support that we receive from existing and new clients.  We therefore always look at ways to give back to our clients and to the community.  We are honoured to be recommended as the #1 HR / Recruitment / Job Service Organisation within our industry.  We believe in listening to our clients requirements and giving them even more than they asked for !  We simply ensure that we exceed their expectations EVERY time. We are a unique organisation who genuinely want to share information, educate, help and people to achieve.  Being #1 is not just about our amazing service, it is about who delivers this service.  We have the best team in the universe.  We care for each other and support each other to achieve the best results for our clients.  To back this up, we also run a business, so we monitor amd measure our statistics.  We are always chuffed that our statistics are ALWAYS improving.  Here's just some of them from April;

The following are White Now statistics for the month of April 2010










There were 1,380,389 hits on the website in the month of April www.whitenow.com.au.
The 'email a friend' button was used 1,531 times.
Job Ads were viewed 15,742 times in   April.
There were 32,546 unique visitors to the site.
Wiz Whitenow added a Status update on Facebook 212 times.
The White Now team and friends delivered 1,600 kids books to 100 hospitals.

White Now celebrated its 3,000th industry job placement since the company started.
The team received AND replied to a total of 5,277 emails in the month.

Can you judge a company JUST on its statistics ?  No, but if they have exceptional service, a great reputation AND great statistics, then you can be pretty sure that they are industry leaders for a reason. When choosing an HR/Recruitment Service, make sure that they EXCEED your expectations - WE DO !


How something simply amazing developed from an awful experience with a sick child.

We have been humbled and honoured to have just experienced something truly amazing.  Over 40 volunteers from around Australia just joined White Now in helping us send and deliver 1,600 Kids Books to Kids Hospitals, Refuges and Hospices around Australia.  Many people have asked us why we did this; what drove us to give kids books away AND why so many of them.  It's time to let you into a little snippet of the personal life of our Company's owner, Jenny White and her now 4 year old son.

Here is Jenny's journey in recent times;  Jenny and her family experienced some tough times when their then 3 year old was admitted to hospital numerous times over a 12 month period with recurring bouts of pneumonia - an experience that many would understand can teater on life of death for a little toddler.  It was a tough year for the 3 year old !  With this in mind along with the great experiences that Jenny and her family had with the medical teams, Jenny thought of ways to simply 'give back' to those who gave so much to her family to ensure that her 3 year old survived.  She noticed that some of the books in the hospitals were a little tired and 'well used'.  With further research of other hospitals, she found that this was an all too familiar story.  Jenny's child adores books and this kept him going through the many nights in hospital.  If something can keep a sick kid happy - then this is a Godsend !  Jenny got together with a 'friend' in Las Vegas on Facebook and spread the word.  And so the journey of Read & Recover (R&R) began.  Just 4 months after the idea was born, 1,600 books have been sent or delivered by volunteers - now that is speed !  It is amazing how quickly a project can come together when you put your mind to it.

We had so many Club Staff and Club Managers help.  We can't name them all but they are all listed on the R&R website along with a few pics too !(http://www.whitenow.com.au/readandrecover).  We had Clubs in Coffs Harbour (see pic Below), Orange, Griffith, Wagga, Tocumwal (see pic below) Canberra and beyond.  We had army personnel in Townsville and Life Coaches in Darwin, Photographers in Perth and Real Estate Agents in Brisbane.  Our packing day was also a humbling event.  A small group of fabulous people came together to help us package up these books.  A humungous thanks goes to Sue Jago from Split Watermelon, Kathy Carnemolla from the Bowlers Club, Wayne Abrahams from North Ryde RSL Culb and Michael Donovan from Gladesville RSL Club for joining us to help with the arduous task of packing !  It was a fun and rewarding day !  See pics of the packing day at  http://www.whitenow.com.au/readandrecover

We hope to continue this initiative every year, which will involve an increase in books and an increase in hospitals.  For more information or to put your hand up to help in 2011 in any way, please go to 'The Future' tab on the R&R website at http://www.whitenow.com.au/readandrecover - we appreciate all the help we can get to keep kids smiling.

Read more about the initiative on our Read & Recover Initiative at http://www.whitenow.com.au/readandrecover



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