Financial Recruitment

Are You Looking to Fill One of the Following Financial Positions in Your Organisation ?:

Accounting Support Professional
CFOs / Finance Directors Accounts Payable Business Services
Financial Controllers Accounts Receivable Auditors
Financial Accountants Payroll Taxation
Management Accountants Bookkeepers Risk Management
Business Analysts Accounts Officers Internal Auditors
Systems Accountants    
Tax Specialists    
Assistant Accountants    

Q. What does White Now know about Financial Recruitment ?

A. It is tricky; complicated; specialised and very easy to be bamboozled with accounting jargon and figures !!! We also recognise that it is outside our current skill-set !

Q. So, what has White Now done about sourcing an effective, successful and values-driven solution to recruiting your next Finance person ?

A. From CFO’s to Bookkeepers, we’ve found THE solution !!! White Now has teamed up with one of the most respected and results oriented Financial Recruiters in Sydney and we are now able to add their fantastic service to our growing portfolio.

White Now's success is based on integrity and values. We are passionate about being true to our values and reference all that we do against them. However it does make it extremely difficult when it comes to joining forces with another organisation…………

...........will they share the same values ? Will they behave with similar integrity and ethics ? And will they treat our customers with the same level of respect and care that we do ?

Finally the answer is “YES” !!!

We have searched far and wide and have located a business with very similarly aligned core values. An organisation that sets the benchmark for recruitment in the Financial sector and people that we trust to look after you as if we were looking after you !!!

To find out more, contact us White Now on:

02 9807 1806 or

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The Benchmark in Financial Recruitment is Here White Now !

Our business associate was founded to offer Finance Professionals an alternative experience in recruitment.

Since 1999, they have drawn on their Accounting backgrounds to deliver benchmark service levels to individuals and organisations, through four basic principles:

Our consultants are Accountants and HR professionals. It takes one to know one. That is what we believe. Our consultants are drawn primarily from accounting backgrounds, bringing with them a first-hand understanding of the skills, competencies and characteristics for every finance position.
We are professionals not sales people. Our fundamental belief is that we are professional consultants. We base everything we do on a set of core values including complete honesty, respect for individuals and a long-term view.
We are pedantic about the quality of what we do. We apply our strict 25 Step Recruitment Process to every assignment. This includes a one to two hour behavioural interview, accounting skills testing and thorough reference checking.
We know the right finance people. Since 1999, we have been building on our accounting roots to create Sydney’s strongest network of talented finance professionals. Our reach now extends nationally from Brisbane to Melbourne and across the globe from Asia to Auckland, the UK to USA and Canada through our partnership with 150 financial recruitment firms.

Our Associates work exclusively in the Finance & Accounting market, providing Permanent, Contract and Temporary recruitment solutions in:

• Commercial Accounting (from CFO to A/P across all industries)
• Professional Accounting (Big4, second tier and small firms)

This organisation can assist you with finding the ideal candidate that meets your needs and achieves the candidate’s wants and desires.

It would be fair to say that a large number of recruitment firms really struggle to understand the technical content of financial roles and what it takes to build a high performance finance team. This is often compounded by the fact that the people recruiting these roles are a) not accountants or b) have not actually been out there working in accounting and can therefore not fully appreciate the needs of organisations and individuals.

White Now is extremely pleased to be associated with this Market Leader and to be able to offer this new and specialised service to the Club / Hotel / Hospitality Industry.

If you are in currently seeking a person to fill a Finance role or if you would like to find out more about this fantastic new service, please contact us White Now on:

(02) 9807 1806 or

To Discover What Our Business Associate Says About The Service They Provide There Is More Below

What Our Business Associate Says About The Service That They Provide:

We Know the Right Finance People !

In this time of serious shortages of high quality finance people, having access to the right people is critical. Since 1999, we have been building on our Accounting roots to create Sydney’s strongest network of talented Accounting professionals.

We are in the market every day, utilising all major and emerging job boards and key print media, to reach out to the right finance people. Our dedicated Candidate Management function is solely focused on sourcing talented finance people throughout Australia and worldwide, and staying connected with them over the course of their careers.

We are also able to readily tap into the global talent pool through our network of over 150 finance recruitment firms across Australia, NZ, Asia, the UK, Canada and the US

Building Your High Performing Finance Team

Is it time you benchmarked your recruitment partner? As the manager of a finance team, you should expect a lot from your recruitment partner. After all, attracting, selecting and retaining the right people are some of the most critical success factors for you and your organisation.

We believe it is our role to work with you to not only source new talent but help you retain the people you have. Using the checklist here, we invite you now to compare your current service against our market leading solution.

Consultants who know a debit from a credit
In order to fully understand your needs, provide credible advice and conduct thorough selection processes, our consultants have a deep understanding of finance through practical experience and ongoing training.

A psychometric management report for every new team member
We are committed to the long-term success of your team. That’s why we provide you with a complimentary assessment report to help you work most effectively with each person we find for you.

A thorough 25 Step Recruitment Process
Our recruitment process begins with developing and executing a specific strategy for your needs. Our market-leading selection process ensures that the people we recommend to you have the skills, competencies and characteristics you asked for.

A simple, cost effective fee structure and a 100% money back guarantee
Our simple fee structure stays the same at every salary level and includes the security of a comprehensive guarantee.

Forward planning and retention strategies
Under our Partnership Program, we offer complimentary six monthly planning sessions covering strategies for growth, succession and retention, as well as salary benchmarking for your key team members.

A strong local, national and international talent network
Our financial talent network allows us to access the people you need. It is built through a constant presence in the one market, candidate contact and referral programs, and our partnership with like-minded firms throughout Australia, NZ, Asia, UK, Canada and the US.

To find out more about this great new service, call us White Now on:

(02) 9807 1806 or